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Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography
30 marks
Due 12 August 8 p.m.
In this task you are required to gather 5 peer reviewed journal articles relevant to Human Rights and/or advocacy in relation to human rights. You are to write a 240-word analysis of each article in a word doc following the format described in the reference below: (accessed July 18, 2020)
Provided the article is a relevant paper on Human Rights and/or advocacy about human rights, you will be awarded up to 1 mark for finding the article and citation, up to 5 marks for your analysis depending on the quality of the analysis consistent with the criteria described in the assignment reference above. For the criteria: “reflection on how this work connects to your research or current assignment”, you just need to describe how the article connects to the article/s or clauses in any of the United Nations treaties or conventions e.g. United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, clause…
Your analysis should be in your own words as much as possible, but when you use sentences or rephrase sentences from the articles you need to include quotes and/or intext citations. Too much reliance on actual text from the articles rather than your own words will result in lower marks for quality. The assignment reference cited above does say you do not need intext citations, but for this assignment you do, because you do also need to be clear that you are aware of and follow the requirements around plagiarism and collusion (see HDS210 Unit guide and “Your rights and responsibilities as a student in this unit”).
Include all 5 article analyses in the one document with your name, student ID, assessment number and title, due date, and word count (10% leeway on total word count) at the top of your submission.
The aim of this assignment is to encourage you to gain an understanding of current Human Rights and advocacy issues and research, so your articles are to be published from 2015 onwards.
There is no need for a reference list at the end of the paper.
A Dropbox will be created on the assessments tab on CloudDeakin. Your submission deadline is Wednesday August 12 at 8 p.m.

Assessment Rubric
Table 1:Assessment Rubric
HD D CR P Unsatisfactory
As in D, but excellent analysis and presentation of all articles, and the key elements for each article consistent with the assignment reference As in CR, but good analysis including most of the key elements described in the assignment reference. Good use of own words. As in P, but good analyses and depth in clarity and understanding of some of the articles. Article citations good. Includes 5 articles with some of the analysis criteria included but lacks depth of clarity and understanding. Article citations not fully consistent with APA guidelines Does not adequately address key elements in assignment reference or guide

d o f Document.