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1-Personal experiences of learning mathematics.

My journey in relation to experiences of learning mathematics has had its ups and downs.
From memory, I enjoyed learning maths in primary school. I remember being involved in interactive games and group activities which made understanding each topic a lot easier for myself. I particularly enjoyed using timetables and solving equations.
During high school is where I began to struggle, in particular throughout my VCE years. I chose mathematics as a subject in Year 11 and 12 as I knew I would need it later on in my life. I had little motivation during my maths sessions as I would find myself falling behind everyone else. I would find the most challenging questions the problem solving ones. However, my teacher in Year 12 truly helped me gain confidence in myself and spent countless hours out of class time to tutor me.
2-Home Resources - Household stationary

Stationary is something every household would have, especially children at school who require stationary to complete their learning at home. Booker et al. suggested that counting begins with the use of physical objects, providing a picture of what can be seen and easily counted using one-to-one correspondence. There are a number of activities that can be used to make math activities from stationary.
Making a stack of a certain number
Making groups
Teaching place value
Visual addition and subtraction

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