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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Compare and contrast two characters from separate plays include Romeo and Juliet, Titus Andronicus, Much Ado Abou. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Shakespearean characters in Othello, Hamlet, or Twelve Night seem to protest or agitate for a given social status. The result of their social agitations as well as person traits, they tend to split into the above-mentioned categories. While the protagonists and the antagonist tend to flex their muscles, the neutral characters tend to project the least expected version of the issue in question. In Othello, Roderigo and Lago seems to project contrasting characteristics. Roderigo has a true love for Desdemona, but he does not know how to express his feelings. As a result, he uses Lago as his go between in order to reach Desdemona. In the play, Roderigo is foolish because he easily fall prey to Lago who exploit his wealth instead of helping to express his love for Desdemona. Unlike Roderigo, Lago is a canning character full of sinister intentions. For example, although Othello did not promote Lago to the post of lieutenant, it was not a reason enough for him to desire the demise of Othello (Sadowski 97). Thus, Lago is evil minded and ready to do anything evil in order to achieve his personal interest. His attitude against Roderigo and Othello helps the reader to identify his evil traits as well the hidden intentions of Rederigo and Othello. In the play, Lago is eloquent speaker that has high convincing power. This trait tend to contrast the traits of Roderigo who he neither an eloquent speaker nor a schema. Moreover, the nasty characteristics of Lago make him convince Rederigo about the mediation role towards Desdemona. Lastly, cover his evil trait. he plots the death Rederigo in order to escape accounting for the all that he has looted in the name mediation. Through Lago’s evil plots, the reader is able to acknowledge the effect of love for power and wealth. In the literal sense, the reader sees Lago plot the death of rich Rederigo after failing to honor his words. In another instance, Lago conceives a plot intended to wipe Othello from the captainship. Arguably, in both cases, Lago quest for power and wealth could explain his evil and cunning attitude. Shakespearean characters in “Twelfth Night” Viola and Olivia seem to project varied character attributes. Viola, the protagonist in the play, is a powerful woman who project strong will as well as specific view concerning social affairs. On the hand, Olivia is a helping character, whose personal attributes are direct opposite of the protagonist. In the play, Olivia is unable to make a choice between Orsino and Sir Andrew Aguecheek. The two men openly present their love proposal for her to consider, but she is unable to decide on what man to love or court. “Say that upon the alter of her beauty You sacrifice your tears, your sighs, your heart Write till your ink be dry, and with your tear Moist it again…..” 3.2.72-5 Instead, she feigns an excuse that she will not marry in the next seven years. Although she has a reason to delay the courting and her marriage, seven years is a long period for a person to reverse for mourning. On the other hand, Viola displays her strong will or bravery by disguising herself as man after the shipwreck. She made her way into the world alone without necessarily looking for assistance.