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Can you help me to complete my programming assignment? Write C program (Copy paste c program into notepad++ document and save it as a assign1.txt file)

Foundations of Technical Programming Assignment 1
Total = 100 marks
(Assignment Questions – 70 marks, Assignment Demonstration- 30 marks)
1. This assignment contains 5 questions (topics from week 1 to 4).
2. Submit one-text document. Use the following format to prepare the word document
a) Write the Question Numbers.
b) C program (Copy paste your c program into notepad++ document and save it as a assign1.txt file) c) Screenshot of the output are not necessary.
3. Use only .txt extensions – no other format will be accepted for marking.
4. If you are failing to come for the demonstration, you will get zero marks for the Assignment demonstration section.
5. Marks will be given for proper indentation and comments.
Question 1
What does this program do? (Briefly Explain) [ 10 Marks]
Question 2
Write a program that accepts 10 marks between 0 and 20 for a student. (use -for- loop) Then calculate average for the student and display the alphabetical average grade for the student according to the below table. [20 marks] A - 17-20
B - 13-16
C - 11-12
D - 8-10
E - 5-7
F - 0-4
Question 3
Write a C program that check even or odd number using switch case. [20 marks]
Question 4
The following C program to solve a second-degree equation: ax2+bx+c=0 Complete the blank codes and re-write the program.
This program gets a, b and c, computes delta (the value under the square root which is delta= b2-4ac) and 2 possible answers if they exist based on below equations: [10 Marks]
Question 5
What does this program do? (Briefly Explain) [10 Marks]

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