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BSBADM409 Coordinate business resources
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Task 2 – Knowledge Questions Template
Please provide answers to the following four (4) questions:
1. Explain how each of the following factors affect the consideration of required resources when setting up a business, in between 30 and 50 words each.
• Employer responsibilities
• Safety legislation and quality standards
• Style and size of premises
2. Organisations usually require a wide range of items for staff to work effectively. Items depend on the nature of the organisation. Give at least five (5) examples of required resources for a hotel reception area.

3. Explain and provide an example of how WHS requirements can have a large impact on resources needed by an organization, in between 30 and 50 words.
4. Explain how individuals and workgroups may contribute to the identification of resource requirements within an organisation, in between 30 and 50 words.
04 Questions Total

Task 3 - Project Template
Please complete and provide answers to the following procedures and create additional documents, where required.
Procedure 1.
As a team leader in the BizOps Enterprises marketing department, you are responsible for maintaining a photocopier/printer, five telephones, five computers, five workstations and stationery supplies.
a. Describe the most likely resource requirements to maintain these items for one month, three months and six months.
1 month:
3 months:
6 months:
b. What faults could you encounter with the resources used by your team?
c. How would you ensure that the resource used within your team complied with the policies, procedures and organisation operational plan requirements of BizOps Enterprises?
Procedure 2.
When coordinating your team resource purchases:
a. How will you ensure that you abide by the purchasing policies and procedures used at BizOps?
b. What legislation will you need to consider?

Procedure 3.
Use the report template below to prepare a purchase recommendation report for your manager, as follows:
• Use the resource requirement information contained in the team meeting minutes, the memo from your team member and the email from your manager to prepare an expenditure recommendation for your team.
• Calculate costs and expenditures so that you can effectively compare required resources for the next four months. Ensure your recommendations are realistic and make efficient use of your available budget.
• Explain and justify your prioritisation of the proposed purchases according to legislative, organisational and workplace efficiency requirements.
Report template
Background - resources required and budget:
Recommended prioritisation:
Recommendation rationale, costs and budget:
Procedure 4.
Use the email template below to draft an email to your manager explaining the expected costs, shortfalls and surpluses for your team expense budget. If you have identified a shortfall, request that your team be given additional funding and justify why you think this is a valid request.
E-mail template:
New message

Procedure 5.
Imagine that you receive a large order of perishable and non-perishable supplies for a special team function.
a. Using word processing or spreadsheet software, create a checklist that you could use to ensure that the order is correct and the quality of the items are appropriate and maintained. Upload this checklist as an attachment to your submission in Moodle.
b. Part of a perishable food delivery for your team function has been left unrefrigerated during transit and is no longer suitable for consumption. How would you manage this problem? Use the space below for your response.
Procedure 6.
Using word processing or spreadsheet software, develop a monitoring and reordering plan for the use of stationery items for your team. Explain the trigger points for resource use and reordering as part of the plan. Upload this plan as an attachment to your submission in Moodle.
Procedure 7.
Using presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint or similar), prepare presentation slides addressing/explaining the topics below. Save your slides in pdf format and upload them as an attachment to your submission in Moodle.
• Your purchase recommendations and reasoning for your prioritisation and decisions, in accordance with your answers for procedures 3 and 4.
• The budget planning based on your recommendations, in accordance with your answers for procedures 3 and 4.
• The monitoring and reordering plan that you created in procedure 6.
07 Procedures Total
You need to submit in Moodle:
1. The Assessment Templates document (this document) with your answers
2. The checklist that you developed for Procedure 5(a), using word processing or spreadsheet software
3. The monitoring and reordering plan that you developed for Procedure 6, using word processing or spreadsheet software
4. The presentation slides that you created for Procedure 7, using presentation software and saved in pdf format.