Recent Question/Assignment

Broo Beer Company (Broo Ltd), Australia is facing a significant financial loss and this project is to investigate the financial loss and what caused for the loss and then implement new strategies to alleviate the current financial crisis of the company.
First, read everything and must follow the structure that is given below and read the instructions for each headings carefully. Do not write anything in general as all the tools and theories you apply have be very specific to the Broo Beer Company.
Structure. -1500 words
1.0 Introduction 1.1 Company Background 1.2 Scope of the project
1.3 Research method – (secondary data only)
2.0 Analysis of the Current problem
(You must straightforward and discuss the current problem and show the results of the financial summaries like the net loss, cash flow and other figures. You must put in-text references. Use annual reports and other articles to show statics. Must use in-text references. )
2.1 Evaluate Ratio Analysis
(This is the tool that you must use to analyze and prove the financial loss. Refer the following website that has done the ratios.
You should analyze the impact of the following ratios as evidence to prove how the company is financially unstable and how bad the current situation is compare to the industry. You should analyze following ratios. (Brief analysis is enough such as what is this ratio and the percentage and what indicate from the ratio to show the company’s current situation)
Gross Margin
Operating Margin
Net Profit Margin
Quick Ratio
Current Ration
3.0 Application of Cause-effect analysis
(For this part, you need to draw a cause-effect diagram and identify what caused to their financial loss and then explain them. Ratios you analyzed above are mostly related to the profitability, so find issues that related to the company’s profitability. Remember, the problems you identified must be solved from the strategies you are going to implement in the following parts of this project. So there should be a correct flow and connection with each parts of this report.)
3.1 Areas need to be improved
From above diagram, identify the key areas that should be improved in order to implement new strategies. Be specific and on point. You must identify at least three areas.
4.0 Implementation of New strategies (This is the important part of this report. Therefore, you must give the priority and write more words for benchmarking and 4Ps)
4.1 Benchmarking
(You need to write how following 4 types of benchmarking can help the company to identify and implement new strategies based on the issues you identified in the areas need to be improved section. Do not write anything in general. Be Specific to the company otherwise rework will be expected. You must put in-text references. ) Remember For benchmarking, You must use statics and numbers to show figures and comparison with competitors for all following four type of benchmarking)
4.1.1 Internal Benchmarking
4.1.2 Competitive Benchmarking
4.1.3 Functional Benchmarking
4.1.4 Generic Benchmarking
4.2 4Ps Analysis
This part also you need to apply new strategies to solve the issues you identified in the areas need to be improved section. You must directly apply new strategies for each of following 4Ps so do not write any general theories such as what is each of 4ps means to waste words unnecessarily, you must directly apply strategies for each 4ps to solve the problem.
4.2.1 Product
4.2.2 Price
4.2.3 Promotion
4.2.4 Place
5.0 Conclusion (Brief conclusion is sufficient.)
6.0 Recommendations (You must give at least five recommendations)
7.0 Reference (you must use 20 or more APA references. you have to use statistics to prove financial loss and other industry factors. Do not use and put irrelevant random references to cover up 20 references. I will check all of them.)