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Case study
In 2001, 18-month-old Josie King died of dehydration and a wrongly administered narcotic while an inpatient at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Her mother, Sorrel King, tells the story of how this happened and explains her role as a consumer (parent) in improving patient safety.
*Please note Josie’s story is a confronting and avoidable tragic incident that occurred in a hospital. Please be aware that it may cause you distress and seek support if you need it. You can discuss with the unit coordinator, or contact UNE Student Support.
The Josie King Story
In preparation for the assessment task
view - the video of Josie’s story
review – the associated relevant documents below
i. Review the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards of Practice
ii. Australian Commission Safety and Quality in Health Care National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards: Partnering with consumer standard and follow to the link Partnering with patients in their own care.
Part 1 – Report (1000) 20marks (to be written in essay format)
Registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives are responsible for making professional judgements about when an activity is within their scope of practice and, when it is not, for initiating consultation and collaboration with, or referral to, other members of the healthcare team.
1. Identify and critically discuss the factors that may have contributed to Josie King’s death? Within the discussion focus on the registered nurses’ values and attitudes impact on the RNs responsibilities in keeping patients safe.
2. When discussing the factors identified in point 1, apply the NMBA Registered nurses’ standards and discuss the responsibilities of the RN that prevents events such as Josie’s death.
Part 2 – Reflect (500) 10marks
1. Write a reflection on how Josie’s story impacts you and your future role as a registered nurse in safeguarding patient care. Focus on what challenges you in partnering with patients so they feel respected and included in decisions about their health care. Ensure your reflection is linked to and flows logically from issues and practice principles raised in part 1.
* You are expected support all sections of this paper with quality references applicable to the Australian context.
Marking Rubric _UPDATED with correct word count
The marking rubric provided below should be used as a guide for you when preparing your assignment.
Please use appropriate in-text and end-text referencing from an appropriate scholarly source and APA version 7. The content of your report should contain information extracted from scholarly journals, books policies, professional standards (i.e. do not rely on Moodle learning notes, newspaper articles, or your personal experience).

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