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Evaluation Proposal
The development of an evaluation proposal will determine if the student is able to appropriately select and apply both qualitative and quantitative research methods in program evaluation and determine if the student can adequately formulate an evaluation proposal for a specific location, population (target group) and program/intervention. Students are encouraged to develop evaluation proposals for specific health programs or services, rural health and/or Aboriginal Health contexts. It will be possible to determine if the students have appreciated the importance of appropriately designed evaluations in these contexts.
The first step of this process will involve the development of appropriate evaluation questions and should address an important problem of interest to the student. Students should ensure that they check with the unit lecturer early in the unit to discuss their potential proposal and receive feedback. After the selection of a topic/evaluation question, students will be expected to develop an evaluation proposal based on the selected issue and program.
A wide range of resources should be used to source relevant literature for this assignment. Sourcing research articles and other relevant publications can be time consuming. As such, please be sure to allow sufficient time to retrieve papers that are not available through the UWA library and that may have to be sourced from other libraries. Please note that papers not available online may actually be available in hard copy at the UWA library; check the library catalogue and catalogues for other libraries (via UWA library webpage).
No word limit has been stated for this assignment as each proposal will be different.
This assignment is the development of an evaluation proposal - students do not undertake the evaluation.

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