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BUSN 3310
Power and Influence behaviours
Purpose: to examine in real life context the use of power and influence in organizations to achieve a goal
Describe a situation that you have seen in an organization (any kind of organization) in which power and/or influence was exercised, preferably but not exclusively to produce a positive outcome.
In this situation, discuss:
• What the source of the power that was applied and how was that source developed?
• Was positional power involved in this situation, if so, what kind of positional power was involved
• What influence tactics or political behaviours may have been used in this situation? Were these tactics or behaviours effective? Why or why not?
• How could this situation have been handled differently? This may involve using the same power base or a different power base of other influence tactic or behavior.
What appeared to be the motivation of those involved in this situation? In this section look at both the individual exercising power and the individual or group on which power and/or influence was being exercised. Apply the model of motivation to this situation.
One document per person, anticipated maximum length of 3 pages, 12 font with 2.5 cm margin (1 inch) submitted through turnitin. Information on Turnitin will be provided shortly.

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