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Assessment Task 2: Manage networks to meet customer needs
This assessment task requires you the Student to demonstrate knowledge and skills required to manage networks to ensure customer needs are met.
You are required to use the workplace scenario information provided then develop policies and procedures for customer interactions, including referrals. You will also provide a written reflection on the process they undertook to complete this assessment.
Assessors will record the outcome of each question as either Satisfactory (S) or Not Satisfactory (NS) using the Assessment Task Checklist 2 Students will have a maximum of two (2) attempts to achieve a Satisfactory result for all ‘Essential Criteria’.
Students must complete all essential criteria unassisted by the Assessor or another person but, Students may refer to the learning resources and any reference material. The trainer/assessor will set a time for Students to submit their answers and Students should submit their written response and a correctly completed Assessment Cover Sheet by that due date.
Context of assessment conditions
• This assessment task may be completed in a classroom, workplace or independent learning environment.
• Participants will require printed copies of this task along with pen, paper and office equipment and resources, business technology, organisational policies, procedures, quality systems, manuals and guidelines for customer management, examples of products/services and promotional strategies, case studies and, where possible, real situations, interaction with others to attempt this assessment.
• Participants must complete the Assessment Cover Sheet
• Submissions must be made in written form unless reasonable adjustments are approved by the RTO manager. Submissions must be hand written and/or word-processed..
Decision-making rules
To achieve a satisfactory result, Students must:
• Answer all questions correctly.
Essential Criteria
You must:
1. Review the simulated business information for Melbourne Car World in Appendix 1 provided herein.
2. Review the scenario information attached to this task.
3. Revise existing policies and procedures for customer contact (to include a policy and procedure for customer consultation).
• Ensure policy is consistent with the customer rights, including legislation and codes of practice.
• Ensure procedures are in place to ensure that decisions about targeting of customer services are based on up-to-date information about the customer, and the products and services available?
• Ensure procedures are put in place to ensure that referrals are based on the matching of the assessment of customer needs to availability of products and services?
Revision of Policies and Procedures for Customer Contact
Melbourne Car World
Document no Purpose New
Revision/ additions to existing policy & procedure
Revision date Replacement
Version no Prepared by
1.0 Revision history
Revision date Revision no Content status Reference areas
2.0 Stakeholders affected
3.0 Policy (to include a policy and procedure for customer consultation).
3.1 The inclusion of information regarding consumer rights and responsibilities (ACCC)
3.2 Meeting the needs of customers and suitably match them to up-todate products/ services
3.3 Employees are encouraged to make reference to other related policies and procedures as required
3.4 Employees are encouraged to use list of strategic partners appropriately
3.5 Recommending customers directly to preferred partners for non-standard modifications
3.6 Employee’s duty of care to explain familyfriendly policy to customers as required
3.7 Keeping standards of practice in presenting small children with toy car
4. Produce a written reflection (do not exceed 200 words per section) on the following:
a) A description of steps you might take as manager to encourage staff to
participate in networking and information gathering.
b) A list of at least two professional associations and two sources of trade information (research online, for example).
c) Identify two Australian car customizers for possible contact, negotiation, and inclusion in preferred partners list
d) A short explanation of why the above could be valuable to
Melbourne Car World.
e) Two digital methods to create, store and retrieve documents and/or customer information.
f) A description of ways to establish effective regular communication with customers.
Participants must:
? submit revised policies and procedures
? submit a written reflection based on the template provided herein.
Assessors will be look for:
? information management skills to summarise information verbally and non-verbally ? literacy and numeracy skills to:
? read a variety of texts to prepare general information and papers
? summarise information obtained from a variety of verbal and non-verbal sources ? write formal and informal text
? self-management skills to seek learning and development opportunities
? knowledge of consumer rights and responsibilities: consumer law
Appendix - Scenario – Melbourne Car World
You are Pat Marks, Manager of the West Dealership of Melbourne Car World. The General Manager for Sales has asked you to review the customer consultation practices of staff as part of the organisation’s commitment to continuous improvement. Issues with customer consultation include:
? insufficient customer contact policy:
? insufficient information regarding consumer rights and responsibilities
? insufficient detail in consultation procedures to ensure inexperienced sales staff:
? analyse up-to-date needs of customers and match them appropriately to up-to-date products and services
? refer to other documentation such as related policies and procedures
? use list of strategic partners appropriately
? refer customers directly to preferred partners for non-standard modifications
? explain family-friendly policy
? present small children with toy car.
Your manager would like you to review, revise and make necessary additions to existing policies and procedures to ensure customer contact is undertaken in accordance with organisational requirements.
You need to use up-to-date procedures to ensure that customer information is updated at regular intervals and that new product information is included.
Also, you will need to ensure your employees undertake networking and research to keep abreast of industry developments and contribute to the search for industry strategic partners. Undertake research of professional associations and information sources for Melbourne Car World.

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