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Trainer Name: Michal Tomcik Submission Date: _ _ / _ _ / 2020
Assignment Task 1: Role-Play
This Assignment task requires Student to demonstrate knowledge and skills required to assist customers to clearly describe their needs, satisfy complex customer needs and establish effective regular communication with customers.
You are required to use the workplace scenario information provided, and then perform a role-play in which you will meet with a customer on at least two occasions to determine customer needs and deliver a service. You will need to adhere to all organisational requirements, including policies and procedures to deliver the service to a customer.
Assessors will record the outcome of each question as either Satisfactory (S) or Not Satisfactory (NS) using the Assignment Task Checklist 1 Students will have a maximum of two (2) attempts to achieve a Satisfactory result for all ‘Essential Criteria’.
Students must complete all essential criteria unassisted by the assessor or another person but the Students may refer to the learning resources and any reference material. The trainer/assessor will set a time for Students to submit their answers and Students should submit their written response and a correctly completed Assignment Cover Sheet by that due date.
Context of Assignment conditions
• This Assignment task may be completed in a classroom, workplace or independent learning environment.
• The Students will require printed copies of this task along with pen, paper and office equipment and resources, business technology, organisational policies, procedures, quality systems, manuals and guidelines for customer management, examples of products/services and promotional strategies, case studies and, where possible, real situations, interaction with others to attempt this Assignment.
• Students must complete the Assignment Cover Sheet
• Submissions must be made in written form unless reasonable adjustments are approved by the RTO manager. Submissions must be hand written and/or word-processed..
Decision-making rules
To achieve a satisfactory result, Students must:
• Answer all questions correctly.
Essential Criteria
You must:
1. Review the simulated business documentation provided in Appendix 1, including policies and procedures for Melbourne Car World.
2. Plan to make customer contact:
a) Study scenario information and requirements for each customer contact attached to this task.
b) Study and write down notes (points) about customer segment profiles available in tasks/ activities in Appendix 1.
c) Write down notes (points) about company’s products available in Appendix 1
d) Study and write down brief notes (points) on the company’s policies and procedures available in Appendix 1.

e) Create notes (dialogue) for your role-play based on prescribed task processes filed in Customer Contact in Appendix 1.

3. Conduct Customer Role-Play. Assessor will determine who will role-play manager and customer. Assessor may play these roles themselves.
Note: You are not required to memorise product features or long policies or procedures, but should be able to locate information for customers when required.
Note: Ensure you follow organisational procedures in the stipulated in the tasks/ activities located in Appendix 1 and unless, you wish to undertake this task at your workplace, you would need to obtain consent from your employer by filling up the Third-Part form (you may request this from your trainer).
Student name Student’s signature
Date of the role-play
Observed by assessor Assessor’s signature
Observation/ demonstration checklist
Did the Student: Yes No
Ensure customer needs are fully explored, understood and agreed? • •
Explain and match available services and products to customer needs? • •
Identify and communicate rights and responsibilities of customers to the customer as appropriate? • •
Explain possibilities for meeting customer needs? • •
Assist customers to evaluate service and/or product options to satisfy their needs? • •
Determine and prioritise preferred actions? • •
Identify potential areas of difficulty in customer service delivery and take appropriate actions in a positive manner? • •
Establish effective regular communication with customer? • •
Maintain records of customer interaction in accordance with organisational procedures? • •
4. Prepare all documentations needed to provide to customer or assist customer in decision-making Yes No
a. Submit completed consent form (Service Order Form) in Appendix 2. • •
b. Complete and submit feedback from customer located in Appendix 3. • •
You must:
? Perform a role-play to deliver a service to a customer over two contacts
? Submit notes on customer needs
? Submit consent form (service order form)
? Submit feedback from customer.
? Assessors will be look for:
? Communication skills to relate to people from diverse backgrounds and people with diverse abilities
? Information management skills to summarise information verbally and non verbally
? Literacy skills to:
? Interpret product and service features
? Read a variety of texts to prepare general information and papers
? Summarise information obtained from a variety of verbal and non-verbal sources
? Write formal and informal text
? Problem solving skills to develop solutions unique to a customer
? Self management skills to comply with policies and procedures
? Organisational procedures and standards for customer service relationships
? Detailed product and service knowledge which may:
? be of significant breadth so as to propose alternative products and services
? be of significant depth so as to propose variations within a limited product and service range.
Appendix 1 – Scenario – Melbourne Car World
You are a sales and customer service representative in the West Dealership of Melbourne Car World.
Consider the following information.
? Your manager, Pat Marks, has asked you to participate in a sales promotion to offer discounts of as much as 15% on listed car prices. Under supplier contract, discounts cannot be applied to modifications and additions.
? Due to problems with suppliers and unanticipated demand, there is a 1-month waiting period for modifications: safety options, sunroofs, spoilers, window tinting, etc. Some additions such as roof racks, floor mats, etc., have a 2-month waiting period. If required, customers may take possession of automobiles without required additions in one month, with additions to be fitted later.
? For people who arrive with young kids, there is play area supervised by a childcare professional. A small toy car is given as a gift.
? A new customer, Sal Burns, has booked an appointment with you at the dealership.
Customer contact
? Follow procedures to greet customer and explore customer needs. Take notes. Notes should contain enough information to justify choice of product, modifications and/or additions.
? Match products to customer.
? Explain at least two potential options for meeting customer needs.
? Help customer to evaluate products and reach a decision.
? Anticipate and work through potential difficulties in delivering products to meet customer needs.
? Negotiate priorities and determine order of actions to take to fulfil customer and organisational requirements:
? explain process to customer
? summarise offer and price
? follow procedures to communicate rights and responsibilities to customer and answer any questions
? explain consent form (service order form) and have customer sign consent form (service order form)
? discuss communication options and agree on next consultation: date and time; tasks and activities.
Tasks/activities: Follow-up customer contact
? Summarise actions taken so far to meet customer requirements.
? Follow organisational procedures to gather feedback on service from customer.
? Agree on final consultation to complete delivery: date and time.
? Follow organisational procedures to submit records of customer contact for storage.

Appendix 2 –Melbourne Car World Consent (Service Order) Form
Melbourne Car World
Client name Order date Order number
Client phone
Client email Expected start date Expected end date
Order received by
Terms of
Service description
Additional comments
Service description (based on what the list of products seen in Appendix 1) Amount ($)

Total price
Customer signature Date
Approval by Date
Appendix 3 –Melbourne Car World Feedback form
Melbourne Car World
We strive to provide effective and efficient service. Please let us know if we are measuring up.
Service Information Date of service
Serving personnel
Service required
Service Rating How satisfied
were you with Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
1. The speed of the service
2. The accuracy of the information provided
3. The courteousness of staff
4. Overall, how satisfied were you with the services
5. Did the service or product meet your expectations
Any other comments/ suggestions?
Please hand this form in at the Receptions Desk or send it to the following email address: