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legal and ethics subject
NURBN 1001 Supplementary Assessment Task Essay
50%, (1,500 Words)
Due date: as determined by your course co-ordinator
• Students will read the following case study scenario and write an essay discussing the actions and professional, legal and ethical responsibilities of the nurse under current legislation, codes and standards.

Write an essay discussing the actions and professional, legal and ethical responsibilities of the nurse under current legislation, codes and standards presented in the case scenario.
Case study
Sally Smith is a graduate Registered Nurse working in a busy Emergency department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. During her lunch break she is told by a colleague that Billy Mercury, a famous golf player, had been admitted following a large drug overdose. Sally was working in another section of the Emergency department but she was a big fan of Billys’ so she left her section without telling her supervisor and went to look at Billy.
On the way, she saw Billys’ medical record had been left open at the nurses station, so she stopped and read through it, taking photos of each page on her mobile phone. She peeked inside Billy’s cubicle and saw that he had his eyes closed and was pale, very dishevelled and had green and brown vomit down the front of his clothes. Sally took photos of Billy, including some with her sitting on the side of the bed and making faces at Billy.
Later that shift, Sally sent the photos of Billy and his medical record to her friends and uploaded them to her facebook account, identifying the Emergency department and the name of the hospital. Sally also emailed them to the local news station and asked if they would buy them from her for $1,000.
Marking Guide
Criterion F MF P C D HD
Presentation/Style Did not complete essay. Limited content, poor grammar & spelling. Essay significantly under or over word-count.
(0 marks) Disorganised; Meaning unclear and/or grammar and spelling contain frequent errors.
Essay varying 10% +/- word- count (150words)
(1 mark) Essay shows Shows some attempt organisation
Of organisation and coherent
And argument. argument. Meaning Logical apparent but development of language not ideas. Language always fluent. Mainly fluent.
Grammar Grammar and and/orspelling spelling mainly errors. Essay accurate. Essay varying10% +/- varying 10% +/- word-count word-count
(150words) (150words)
(2marks) (3 marks)
Careful and logical organisation of argument.
fluent. Grammar and spelling accurate. Essay within word- count.
(4 marks) Shows a polished approach to the topic. Clear and coherent development of sophisticated argument. Fluent writing style.
Grammar and spelling accurate. Essay within word count.
(5 marks)
Work has been submitted
following FedUni
formatting guidelines.
Clarity of expression
(accuracy, spelling,
grammar punctuation,
word count)
(5 Marks)
Legal & Ethical Issues No legal or ethical responsibilities discussed
(0marks) Very limited evidence of knowledge. Few legal & ethical responsibilities identified. Poor level of discussion.
(up to 2 mark) Evidence of Has
limited demonstrated knowledge of some factual topic. Few legal knowledge
&ethical base. Most legal responsibilities & ethical identified. responsibilities
Minimal identified. Discussion of Greater depth key responsibilities. Of discussion
needed in some (up to5marks) areas.
(up to 8marks) Reasonable knowledge of topic demonstrated. Most legal & ethical
Greater depth of discussion needed in some areas.
(up to 10marks) Comprehensive / detailed knowledge of topic demonstrated. All correct legal & ethical responsibilities identified.
Adequate depth of
(up to 20 marks)
Correct and relevant
legal and ethical
identified and discussed
in adequate depth
(20 marks)
Actions and professional legal and ethical responsibilities of the nurse under current legislation, codes and standards and application to scenario.
Student is able to identify and discuss the professional responsibilities of the nurse under current legislation (clear definition of legal/ethical terms and relevant legislation).
Student is able to apply this information clearly to
(20 marks)
No scenario application,
Actions, professional, legal and ethical responsibilities
discussed. Limited use of published evidence.
(0marks) Very limited evidence of knowledge.
Poor demonstration of understanding.
Poor application to case scenario
(up to 5 marks) Evidence of limited knowledge of topic.
Limited demonstration of
Some application to case scenario
(up to 10
. marks) Has demonstrated some factual knowledge base.
Reasonable demonstration
of understanding. Reasonable
application to case scenario.(up to 13
marks) Reasonable knowledge of topic demonstrated.
Well demonstrated good application to case scenario (up to17
marks) Comprehensive/ detailed knowledge of topic demonstrated.
Clear demonstration of understanding supported by detailed and accurate information.
Excellent application to case scenario and practice.
(up to 20 marks)

Referencing follows APA Style 7th ed
Use of literature and evidence of reading. No year limit on Acts or Common law cases.
(5 marks) No references or literature support provided
APA 7th ed not used
(0 marks) Either no evidence of literature being consulted or use of irrelevant, or very small number of sources ((e.g. 9).
Evidence of long sections of poor paraphrasing or evidence of plagiarism.
APA 7th ed not used.
(1marks) Literature is presented (described) uncritically such that it demonstrates a limited understanding of the evidence.
Small number of references ((e.g. 9).
Poor paraphrasing with too much reliance on direct quotes from literature.
APA 7th ed used Clear evidence and application of a minimum number of references relevant to the subject (e.g. 9-
Some problems with paraphrasing and expressing ideas from the literature.
APA 7th ed used
(3marks) Able to critically appraise the literature (e.g.
Mainly uses own words to express ideas with good level of analysis and paraphrasing. No evidence of plagiarism.
APA 7th ed used
(4marks) Has developed and justified ideas based on a wide range (and high quality) of sources, which have been thoroughly analysed, applied and discussed. (eg.
Uses own words to discuss ideas from the literature. No evidence of plagiarism.
APA 7th ed used
(2 marks)
Late submission penalty 10% first day, 20% second day, may not be marked if submitted on third day
Total 50 marks

Writing requirement

Formatting & presenting your essay

• The essay will be presented as a formal academic paper and conform to the Federation University, Faculty of Health, Student Academic Handbook (Higher Education). Essays at university need to respond to the question by developing an argument which is based on evidence and critical reasoning. They must have certain key elements including;
? A clear introduction with a question statement (an answer to the question or a response to the task) and a well-defined structure,
? Logically structured body paragraphs which include supporting evidence from academic
? A clear conclusion which restates your topic and summaries your essay
? A reference list (as per APA citation style)
• Students must use a minimum ten (10) references.
• Refer to marking Guide for specific details required for successful completion of task.
• Word Count: 1500 words +/- 10% (excluding Reference list).
Due Dates and Submission Instructions:
• This assessment task is due by 12 midday on the date determined by your course co-ordinator.
• Students should name their assessment task in the following format:
• StudentnamestudentnumberNURBN1001supplementary task.dc/.doc.x (e.g. PaulSmith300000NURBN1001supplementary task.docx)
• Students are required to submit the assessment task as a Microsoft Word ?le (.doc/.docx) via the corresponding Supplementary Assessment Turnitin link within the Assessment tab of Moodle. Do not submit a pdf file or in any other format.
• Please note that the essay will be graded within Turnitin using GradeMark.
• Feedback and Grade of this assessment task will be provided to students after ratification.
Formatting and fonts
• Font - Your essay should be word processed in 10-11-point Times New Roman or Arial fonts
• Spacing -set your line spacing to 1.5lines.
• Indents or breaks - Leave a space of one line between paragraphs, rather than indenting the
first line.
• Title- at the top, centrally aligned.
Cover page
Include the following items on your cover page:
• Your Name and student number
• Your course co-ordinators name

• Title of the course the essay is for
• The number of words in your paper
First page
Include the following on your first page:
• Your essay title
• The introduction to your essay
You must include page numbers and your name and student number in the footer on each page.
In your paper
An essay has three parts:
• Introduction
o Background information about the issue
o Description of the issue
• Body paragraphs
o paragraph1
? Topic sentence outlining first issue and solution
? Evidence to support explanations
? Concluding sentence
o paragraph2
? Topic sentence outlining second issue and solution
? Evidence to support explanation
? Concluding sentence
o Following body paragraphs
? These follow the same structure for as many issues as you need to discuss
• Conclusion
o Summary of the issues and overview of the solutions
o Evaluation of solutions and recommendation
Reference List
A reference list is a list of books, web-pages, articles and any other sources used and referred to in your
essay. This is put at the end of your essay and is not counted in the word count.
Ensure you use APA 7th edition referencing.