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As discussed pls find attached proposal format and some samples and relevant articles
1) Do use MBA Dissertation proposal template ( approximately 2000 words to propose the research )
The area I want is ''Capital budgeting for new business and Decision Making '' from Financial Mgt. prospective)
2) Please use the guidelines (pdf) to answer research questions, objectives, Literature Review, source of date and alanysis and possible outcomes, recommendations etc. Use appropriate Academical journals/ articles to support this work.
3) I've attached a sample how the student have written this proposal in the past for your reference
4) See attached 632-1-2493-10-20180312.pdf which I found useful to my interest area.
5) Due date is 26th JUN 2020. Words count: 2000 words
Because of the nature of works we might have to communicate, so please feel free to contact me via whatsup if any. please do let me know how much by return.

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