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In January of 2006, two Burleson High School girls went to school with purses that had the confederate flag on them. They were told that the purses with the confederate flag violated the school dress code policy. They were given the option of having someone pick up the purses or going home. They chose to go home and took the matter all they way to the school board and eventually the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Court backed the school and said that the Confederate Flag carried enough symbolism to disrupt school activities.
While many young people in the United States like to believe that racism is mostly in the country’s past, this case illustrates that the symbols and iconography associated with the history of slavery are still potently meaningful. If the Confederate flag is synonymous with slavery, is there any place for its display in modern society? Those who fight for their right to display the flag say such a display should be covered by the First Amendment: the right to free speech. But others say the flag is equivalent to hate speech, which is not covered by the First Amendment.
Write a 2-4 page paper and state if you think displaying the Confederate flag should be considered free speech or hate speech.

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