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Mini Assignment I & II Instructions
Mini Assignment #1
Both assignments will be submitted as one entire document. The minimum page requirement is six (6) pages (see descriptions for each page).
Page 1: Title Page (APA Style)
Name of student
Title of Paper “Counterproductive Behaviors”
Step 1 & Step 2
? Step 1: You will participate in each assessment (4), share your score/results, interpret and discuss your scores, and/or individual test items.
Page 2: Assessments
A table is strongly recommended. Assessment – Score – Interpretation (3 columns) but the format is left to the student.
Assessment A: Personality
Assessment B: Emotional Intelligence
Assessment C: Affect Intensity
Assessment D: Performance Feedback
? Step 2: Read the attached counterproductive article thoroughly. This is a particularly good article with key terminology. It is to your benefit to read it carefully.
Seek outside resources. Cite (APA style) at least one outside reference in your onepage (minimum requirement) reply to:
Page 3: Describe the article content. What is counterproductive behavior? How can you detect it? What are some reasons for this type of behavior at work?
Mini Assignment I & II Instructions
Mini Assignment #2 Step 3 & Step 4
? Step 3. You are also expected to tie in your own understanding of each self-assessment as it would relate to counterproductive work behaviors. You are encouraged to review the literature and Internet resources.
Page 4: Referring to the article and counterproductive behaviors, reply to the following: Please note that the responses are not about your self-assessment scores. The responses should be based on what the literature (article and internet resources) states about the association between the different constructs (personality, emotional intelligence, affect intensity, performance feedback) and counterproductive behavior.
Given your understanding of each self-assessment (Assessments A-D), how can you apply this knowledge within the context of identifying counterproductive behavioral tendency.
How would an employee’s personality traits influence counterproductive behavior? How would an employee’s emotional intelligence influence counterproductive behavior?
How would affect influence counterproductive behavior?
How can you use performance feedback to influence employees not to engage in counterproductive behavior?
? Step 4. The conclusion will be based on an interpretation of your own scores and counterproductive behaviors.
Page 5: Reflect on your own scores through an explanation of what your own counterproductive behaviors (given your scores) may or may not be. Support your statements with the article and any other sources. Is there room for improvement? If not, support why improvements are not necessary.