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Specific task instructions
The instructions and the criteria in the tasks and activities below will be used by your teacher to determine if you have satisfactorily completed this assessment event Use these instructions as a guide to ensure you demonstrate the required knowledge and skills.
For this assessment, you will need to prepare for, draft and finalize a 1000 word essay.
Length: 1000 words (a minimum of 900 words, and a maximum of 1100 words)
Topic: Choose ONE of the following:
1. Although the internet has become a common part of the lives of a large sort of the world’s population, in the last decade, it has had a mainly negative impact on society. To what extent do you agree? (Argument essay) OR
2. Cars should be banned from the centre of all major cities. (Argument essay) OR
3. Cross cultural marriages contribute to racial intolerance. (Argument essay) OR
4. Traffic congestion is increasing in many cities around the world. What are the main causes of this and what impacts does this have on individuals and society? (Cause and effect essay) OR
5. Another question negotiated with your teacher
Formatting: When writing your essay, you should:
• Use 1.5 line spacing
• Use customised margins (2.5cm)
• Use Arial or Calibri font, size 12
• Include suitable spacing between words
• Include your name and date and page numbers (Page X of Y) in the footer
Submission: You will need to digitally submit documentation of your preparation; your draft and final essay; as well as copies of the sources you have used on the dates given to you by your teacher.
F. Evaluation Checklist
r 1 have Put an X when completed
1 1 Included an introduction which relates to the essay question, and contains general statements and a thesis statement. -1^ i j
I 2 Included at least 3 body paragraphs which contain a topic | i sentence and supporting ideas. 1
3 Included a conclusion which summarises the content and 1 restates the topic.
4 Used formal, academic language. There are very few errors with use of relevant vocabulary, so that meaning is 1 i clear. 1
5 Included ideas that are logically organised, using appropriate words and phrases to link ideas and sentences.
6 Used a range of correctly used grammatical forms : (including complex sentences) so that meaning is clear. ——
7 Used spelling and punctuation that is mostly correct, so that meaning is clear.
¦ 8 Shown effective use of summarising, paraphrasing and citation of researched information from at least 3 sources that is logically linked to other parts of the essay.
1 9 L Acknowledged sources, using in text citations and a reference list. A consistent referencing system (eg Harvard) is used. Any part that is not referenced is my own writing, and is not copied from any other source.
10 i 1 1 Included a reference list which is in alphabetical order and is formatted correctly. The list includes at least 3 references which are annotated.

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