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• engage in all the processes required for effective assignment and academic writing;
• demonstrate your competence in referencing skills (in-text referencing as well as compiling a reference list);
• Produce an essay that shows your competence in academic writing skills (logical structure of content, appropriate style, tone and language usage).
Assessment Weight: 10%
1. Assignment Question
Write an academic essay of 3-4 pages about the three different leadership styles Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez faire.
Discuss each leadership style and explain how each leadership style will affect the management and communication style of the organisation.
2. Guidelines
2.1 Structure
• You need to have a cover page, with your name, student number, group A or B and the course • Include a table of contents
• Have an introduction and a conclusion
• Include headings – should be bold, numbered, font size 14
• Use Arial, font size 12
• Use 1.5 line spacing and have numbered pages
2.2 Your essay should have the following:
• Essay length: three -four pages (excluding cover page and reference list)
• Use the Harvard method for referencing your sources
• Use at least three different types of sources of information e.g. a book, an electronic source and an article from a journal and all three sources should be in the reference list and appear in the essay as in-text references.
NB: Please remember this is an individual assignment and the final submission should be your own work.
Content: 20
Interesting, How well the subject has been covered. Demonstrating a good understanding of the question 1-9
Insufficient material/ information about the topic, thin; unconvincing; very
little detail; unacceptable; little or no relevant content 10-12
Superficial coverage of topic; only the obvious present; Details present but not complete 13-15
Topic well-covered; detailed; has relevance and depth 16-20
Good, interesting; thorough; original; subject well covered; insightful;
good understanding of topic
Referencing: 10
Correct use of in-text referencing & reference list 1-4
More incorrect than correct entries; text references and/or reference list missing 5-6
Some obtrusive errors/inconsistencies in reference list / text references. 7-8
Some errors or inconsistencies; but these are only minor 9-10
Entries correct in accordance with the Harvard method
Language & style:10
correct language, grammar, style & tone appropriate for academic writing 1-4
Poor grammar and vocabulary. Very weak spelling and punctuation. register inappropriate;
meaning clouded;
difficult to read 5-6
Adequate use of grammatical structures and vocabulary; Spelling and punctuation could be improved; Style and tone supports meaning; but with some limitations in language 7-8
Good use of grammatical structures and vocabulary; Hardly any spelling and punctuation errors; style and tone supports meaning; language appropriate to content. 9-10
Excellent use of grammatical structures and vocabulary. Easy to read; use of language entirely appropriate to content; style & tone
supports meaning; fluent
Layout: 10
cover page, content page, page numbers, reference list, headings, subheadings, font, font, size, neat typing and spacing etc. 1-4
Untidy, typing errors impede reading. Many errors or omissions in formatting 5-6
Acceptable but with some noticeable
untidiness; typing / spacing/ numbering errors; errors or omissions in formatting. 7-8
Neat; minor errors or omissions in formatting; but inaccuracies are not obtrusive 9-10
Professional appearance; neat typing and spacing; hardly any typing errors. All required parts / pages (cover page, table of contents, page numbers; reference list etc.); correct

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