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This Reflection should be around 500 words.
It should include:
A very short description of a workplace event where you had to make an ethical decision (150 words).
- I worked at Sydney University Sports Fitness Center. I work on this place since October 2019. I Joined the squads team program on the following month.
We need to talk about a Personal Dilemma in this reflection. My personal Dilemma is I joined the squad team program as a swim coach junior and the coach decided to put his son who doesn't have no qualification and its not even an official swimmer to coach the professional level.
The teacher wants us to tell based in the modules with this decision from the coach Who was affected?
Swimmers ,colleagues losing the shift just to benefit the coach's son.
What is the consequences?? (need to explain that).
A reflection on how you made the decision to act in the way you did (250 words).
The following questions might help your reflection:
o What alternative actions did you consider?
o Why did you choose one action rather than another?
o What factors did you consider in making the choice?
Identification of two ethical frameworks (chosen from the 6 frameworks discussed in Module 2.1), that could have helped you with your ethical decision. These should include reference to two relevant reliable sources that are not part of the subject resources and a brief description of their content (100 words).
o You simply need to identify the two frameworks, not describe them. Descriptions of the frameworks can be found in module 2.1.
It should include appropriate academic referencing and a reference list following the APA 6th edition style of referencing
Please please please use citation if is possible, and not have references.
Make the text flow, be clear and objective.
All the modules are attached above and if you check inside of the slides you have a lot of information can help to complete this tasks.
Read also the third file it will help and is related to the reflection.
Please please please use the dilemma above that I mentioned it! And just need go thought the slides information's and develop the reflection you guys have 5 days !!! Thank you so much

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 756 words including References

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