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Activity 1
What resources are available to help medical administrative staff determine their own roles and responsibilities within patient recordkeeping system? (60-70 words)
Why are patient records necessary? (150 words)
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List 10 types of information that might be included in patient medical records.
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What is the intent of privacy legislation and how does it impact on patient recordkeeping procedures in a medical practice? (50 words)
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Question 1
Question 1
Outline relevant legislation, standards, and codes of practice that affect patient recordkeeping. (300-350 words)
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Project 1
You have been given the position of administrative assistant in your local medical centre. Your job requires you to maintain patient records within the existing medical records management system, under the supervision of a senior receptionist or the practice manager.
In this practical you will need to show you can apply a broad range of competencies in various medical administration contexts. Remember you are a skilled operator who is expected to exercise discretion and judgement in accessing and maintaining patient records while fully respecting patient privacy and the confidentiality of your details.
Practical Assessment must be conducted in a safe environment where evidence gathered demonstrates consistent performance of typical activities experienced in the medical services administration field of work
Complete the following practical checklist which identifies tasks and activities. Submit / upload the completed checklist to your Assessor.
Tasks will include:
accessing patient records
helping to maintain patient records
monitoring and reviewing their own role in relation to maintaining patient records
Complete this checklist (MyECampus practical) noting tasks to be completed including what might be involved in each of these responsibilities and the resources available to assist administrative staff to meet their responsibilities.
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