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Assessment 3: Supply Chain Project
Due date Week 11: 20 June 2020 (by 12:00 noon)
Weighting 50%
Type Project
Length 1000 words
Submission Blackboard
Requirements Students need to select a project from their own real practice.
Students need to apply the SCM theory into practice to seek feasible solutions.
More details can be found in marking rubric.
Programme learning goals 1. Be self-aware critically reflective and ethical management professionals
2. Be effective thinkers and problem solvers
3. Be effective communicators
4. Be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of business management professional practices
Paper learning outcomes 1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the key concepts in operations and supply chain management
2. Evaluate and communicate best practices in managing operations and supply chain functions
3. Analyse the complexities and challenges involved in designing and coordinating operations and supply chains in manufacturing and service sectors
4. Analyse and develop solutions for complex operations and supply chain problems and unpredictable issues to create value and sustainable competitive advantage

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1450 words including References

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