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Assessment Task 2 – Tutorial Questions
Unit Code: HC1021
Unit Name: Interpersonal and E-Communication
Assignment: Tutorial Assignment 2
Due: 11:59pm 19th June 2020
Weighting: 25%
Total Marks: 50 marks
Purpose: This assignment is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this HC1021 unit
Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed:
Students are able to appreciate differences in cultural diversity and their impact on communication in the workplace.
Students are able to appreciate ethical issues involved in business communication. Students are able to, apply theoretical and practical knowledge of Communication to formulate effective communication strategies in an organisation.
Students are able to demonstrate research skills, showing initiative in consulting the academic literature and integrating fresh ideas into the discourse in preparation for life-long learning
Students can demonstrate the capacity to write persuasive reports, in preparation for their career in bus
Description: Each week students were provided with three tutorial questions of varying degrees of difficulty. These tutorial questions are available in the Tutorial Folder for each week on Blackboard. The Interactive Tutorials are designed to assist students with the process, skills and knowledge to answer the provided tutorial questions. Your task is to answer a selection of tutorial questions for weeks 7 to 11 inclusive and submit these answers in a single document.
The questions to be answered are;
Week 7 Tutorial 6
Delivering bad news is hard especially when you do not agree with the decision you are communicating. Explain in details the appropriate channel and outline for a message that conveys bad news. Under what conditions a writer would be justified in choosing an alternate outline or channel? (10 marks)
Week 8 Tutorial 7
a) Discus briefly how price can be effectively handled in a sales message?(4 marks)
b) Zappos is one of the leading shoe and clothing retail companies. If you are hired by Zappos to develop an effective message to market their brand new handbags to potential online customers. In about 200 words describe any five attention-getting ideas you can use. (6 marks).
Week 9 Tutorial 8
a) Briefly discuss the primary principles involved in writing an executive summary. What is the significance of other names given to this preliminary report part? (5marks)
b) Describe the purpose of findings, conclusions, and recommendations sections of a formal report? Are they always distinct sections in both long and short reports? (5 marks)
Week 10 Tutorial 9
a) Describe any five (5) graphic types and include the appropriate objective for
the use of each. (5 marks)
b) You are preparing to give a talk or presentation to an audience of people who have differing cultural backgrounds. Discuss any three important Do’s and Don'ts that you need to consider to ensure that your presentation is successful. (5 marks)
Week 11 Tutorial 10
a. Differentiate between a chronological résumé and a functional résumé. (4 marks)
b. Social networking is often considered the most valuable source of information about jobs. Discuss your opinion about this statement in 200 words. Provide at least two examples from your experience. (6 marks)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2126 words including Questions and References

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