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Unit BUS1007 Organisational Behaviour
Assessment Type
Number 4 - B
Weighting Individual Reflection of Learning
Alignment with
Unit and Course Unit Learning Outcomes
ULO 1: Demonstrate understanding of the fundamental concepts and theories of organisational behaviour and the related operational and ethical challenges facing managers.
ULO 2: Identify what makes successful leaders and understand how to encourage leadership within an organisation.
ULO 4: Examine the practical applications of organisational behaviour theory for managing people and organisations effectively.
Graduate Attributes Assessed
GA 1: Communication
GA 2: Collaboration
GA 3: Research
GA 4: Critical Thinking
GA 5: Ethical Behaviour
GA 6: Flexibility
Due Date/Time Week 12
Friday 5:00 pm
Description This assessment is a written reflection of journal that will examine the understanding of the following:
• Understanding of the fundamental concepts of OB, operational and ethical challenges
• Aspects of successful leadership within an organisation
• Practical applications of OB theory to manage people and organisations effectively
Content and Structure:
• The is written report of 1000 words where student will write a reflection of their overall learning in this trimester on Organisational Behaviour.
Research expectation:
• All Relevant chapters that have been covered from week 1 to 12.
Submission • The written report will be submitted in Moodle via turenitin.
Misconduct • Students should not engage in any form of misconduct such as cheating during
• The AIH misconduct policy and procedure can be read on the AIH website
Special • Students whose ability to submit or attend an assessment item is affected by
sickness, misadventure or other circumstances beyond their control, may be
consideration eligible for special consideration. No consideration is given when the condition or event is unrelated to the student's performance in a component of the assessment, or when it is considered not to be serious.
• Students applying for special consideration must submit the form within 3 days of the due date of the assessment item or exam.
• The form can be obtained from the AIH website ( or on-campus at Reception.
• The request form must be submitted to Student Services. Supporting evidence should be attached. For further information please refer to the Student Assessment Policy and associated Procedure available on
• (

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1147 words including References

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