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Second Tutorial Submission Question
Assessment Question Week 7:
Question 2: Monopolistic and Oligopoly firms
Question 1
(i) Use the graph below to explain the output, profit and loss conditions for monopolistically competitive firms. Show your work where appropriate in reference to the Graph.
Firm Lan T-shirt monopolistic competitive firm
(ii) With examples, examine the barriers to business entry for imperfect competition firms
HI5003 Economics for Business: First Tutorial Submission Question, T1 2020
Assessment Question Week 8:
Measuring the size of the economy
Question 2
The table below is extracted from Goodland Republic Bureau of Statistics records for 2016 -2017. Use the information to answer the questions that follow.
Goodland Economy 2013 and 2018
Examine the status of the economic welfare in Goodland Republic in 2018 based on your GDP deflator, nominal GDP and Real GDP. Also, explain the reasons why it is necessary to calculate real GDP. Show your work.
Assessment Question Week 9:
Business cycles and economic growth
Question 3
Examine the fundamental causes of a nation’s business cycle fluctuations. Also, examine the relationship between total spending by government and consumers in a nation and the location of the countries’ GDP on the business cycle.
Assessment Question Week 10:
Inflation and Unemployment
Question 4
1. Suppose you have $200,000 in a bank term account. You earn 5% interest per annum from this account.
You anticipate that the inflation rate will be 4% during the year. However, the actual inflation rate for the year is 6%.
Calculate the impact of inflation on the bank term deposit you have and examine the effects of inflation in your city of residence with attention to food and accommodation expenses.
2. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported in May 2017 that the civilian population in Australia over 15 years of age was 20.8 million.
Of this population of 20.8 million Australians, 13.5 million were employed and 0.7 million were unemployed.
Calculate Australia’s labor force and the number of people in the civilian population who were not in the labor force? Also, with examples examine the causes of structural unemployment in Australia
Assessment Question Week11
A simple model of macroeconomics: Fiscal policy and Monetary Policy
Question 5
Use the Aggregate supply and Aggregate Demand Model below to answer the questions that follow.
Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand Model
(i) Examine the influence of government expenditure on investment in a nation. Use Jot Inc. Ltd a multinational construction company in which you are the Chief Exec of the firm that that is highly diversified and recieves funds to construct highways and other government funded projects. Also, explain the factors that cause the Aggregate Demand curve to be downward sloping left to right.