Recent Question/Assignment

I want to make an order for an assignment. This assignment is the part of final year project. I have done with 2 chapters just need help with chapter 3 and 4.
My project topic is to design a membrane using reverse osmosis to filter sea water and brackish water.
chapter 3 includes the following topic:
membranes types (available for reverse osmosis)
pore size
separation mechanism
membrane materials (that can be used for reverse osmosis)
membrane module (available for reverse osmosis)
chapter 4 :
summary of chapter 1,2 and 3
conclusion overall
chapter 3 - 9 pages - this chapter will inc;ude basic understanding of reverse osmosis design paramerters, i have given you just draft template, you can add more required data as well.
chapter 4 - 1 page
Want work within 24 hours.