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Assessment task 3: Applying theory to practice
Task: Individually, students produce an appropriate communication “product” to capture the outcomes of their research for Assignment 2 in a form consistent with their Major. Accompanying this is a brief report.
Length: Communication product: 1,000 words
Brief report: 750 words
Q: What is the purpose of the report, what style of writing is required?
A: The brief report that accompanies the communication product is effectively your strategy/rationale for the communication product. It needs to be in report format which means using numbered sub-headings to explain your client, the stakeholder/publics you are writing on behalf and who you are hoping to engage with, a rationale for the product (i.e. why is this product a good way to communicate with this public/stakeholder i.e. this is the medium they use to get information about x), tell us why you write in the this style and why you include this type of content. Use the academic literature to support what you include in your brief report, plus what the panelists have said and practice-based literature (to explain or justify the form of your communication product for this organisation/client and
these stakeholders). This is will come from your major.
Q: I’m not sure of what we are meant to do for the communication product.
A: Have a look at the list in the Subject Outline. You are translating your research for Assignment 2 into this communication product for your client to communicate with its stakeholders/publics about this case/issue.
Q: Where are the sound recordings of the panel sessions?
A: These are located in the weekly activities folder under week 9, 10, 11 folders with the materials for these weeks on UTSOnline.
Q: Where are the bios for the seminar speakers?
A: The bios of the panelists are located in the same folder.
Q: How/where do I submit the assignment?
As this assignment is designed to demonstrate your ability to translate the research
you undertook for Assts 1 & 2 into a communication product that reflects the focus
of your Major in the degree, you may have different files types to submit.
Do you have a text-based communication product?
If you have a text-based assignment create one document with both the brief report and the
communication product included and submit that to Turnitin.
Do you have a communication product that is sound/video?
If you have produced a video or sound file then you should submit your brief report to Turnitin with the link inserted. Test it before submitting it. Any problems get in touch.
Q: How/where do we include references in this assignment?
A: You are required to include references to the academic literature, the panels and
any other sources you use (see the subject outline). Include these in your report.
Q: How do we reference the panelists?
A: Go to UTS Harvard or APA 7 on the library site and follow the instructions for using the
pers. comm. option if you plan to quote a panelist.
Mark Franklin is a Media and Communications professional at the Australian Human Rights Commission. He previously worked at The Greens, where he managed communications for the 2019 state and federal elections in NSW. He has also worked at Australian Red Cross and for the Department of Family and Community Services. Mark began his career as a reporter at the Sydney Morning Herald and has also worked at the ABC as a journalist and producer in radio and television.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1982 words including References

Note: It is based on previous assignment

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