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Reflection Two will be conducted in Week 12 and will give you the opportunity to reflect on a part of the
solution’ in your professional life? ? This reflection will give you the opportunity to explore the first two
tenants of Conscious Capitalism (Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation) and two out of the
seven stages of UTheory (Suspending, Redirecting, Letting Go, Letting Come, Crystalising, Prototyping
and Institutionalising) .
Dear Students,
It is time to think about part 2 of assignment 3 now which is based on the content from weeks 10 and 11. It is important that you attend also week 12 as we will review the necessary material then and start in class to work on our reflection.
These are the suggested steps to follow now:
1. Choose an industry in which you plan to have a career (for example, IT, finance, hospitality, tourism, health, education or any other industry)
2. Write down how you – based on your life experiences – could help that industry to develop or refine their Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation (week 10)
3. Then write down how could you use any 2 of stages of the UTheory (week 1 and 11) to accomplish that.
4. It is a personal reflection so you need to rely on your experiences and talents as well.
5. You will need to show that you understand the concepts of their Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation and any 2 of stages of the UTheory
6. You will need to have 4 references: 2 from week 10 and 2 from week 11 from our Weekly Resources (strictly)
7. Your reflection needs to be 1200 words long.
Additional Information about Assignment 3:
1. Reflection is always in the 1st person. Please use ‘I’ throughout the paper.
2. Tell us which Industry you chose and why: (about 200-250 words)
a. Are you already working in this industry
b. Or would you like to work in this industry if so why
3. Define with references what Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation are using 2 readings from week 10 and tells us how you would apply Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation in your chosen industry and why (about 350 words)
4. Tell us something about your experience, professional aspirations and qualities that you have learned about in this subject that would help you to assist the chosen industry to fulfill their Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation (350 words)
5. Choose and define any 2 steps of the UTheory and tells us how you could use them to help your chosen industry to fulfill their Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation and therefore to become a Conscious Business and contribute to society and environment (300 words).
6. No introduction or conclusion are necessary.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1340 words including References

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