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Assessment Task 1 Information: Reflective Thinking Task
You have been asked to observe where critical and creative skills are utilised in the workplace, then to reflect on the situation, the people and the processes and outcomes and then to offer a critical analysis of the situation(s). This task should take place over the course of the semester and is not due until the end of the semester. It is expected that there would be at least ten but no more than 15 examples.
Each student is required to collect evidence of situations in their workplace where creative and critical skills are used to solve real problems or conversely describe situations where they could have been used but weren’t. A description of the context is required plus a description of the processes (or lack of) used and the outcomes achieved. The student is then required to reflect on the process and offer a critical analysis of the situation based on personal understanding, knowledge and skills.
See attached rubric in appendix 1 for assessment criteria.
The assessment task will be assessed by the lecturer who will take your class.
No more than 10 hours should be dedicated to this task.
Submission will be via Moodle.
Students will receive feedback for this task via the Assessment rubric as well as supplementary written or oral feedback if required.