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ITEC201 Fundamentals of IT
Assessment 3
REMINDER: This is an individual Report.
The management of AusEd has decided to implement the IT Infrastructure design which you as the IT Infrastructure manager for AusEd had developed along with your
team (as part of Assessment 2). AusEd is now buying and implementing the technologies suggested by you and with new IT infrastructure they are concerned about
the security of the system. Further, you were assigned to apply security principles and an IS Security Management framework to the IT infrastructure solution created.
Your Project
Please read the case study for AusEd posted in the LEO. In the ITEC201 assessment 2 you created IT Infrastructure proposal for AusEd. The proposal was an overview
of the entire IT infrastructure .The proposal included IT Infrastructure diagram of the overall system with all network infrastructure, all types of servers and clients as
well as where they are located within the network, data centre, Operating System recommendation and end user devices.
In this report you have analyse the case study, write an analysis report and recommend security concerns / principals and management framework to the IT
Infrastructure solutions created in Assessment 2.
Recommendation you need to include, but not limited to, the following:
1. IT Infrastructure summarised: Summarize the IT Infrastructure design created by you and your team in the assessment 2.
2. Discuss at least two specific security issues/ concerns related with following
• Network / Internet
• Database storage
• Datacentres
• Operating System
• End User Devices
Note: Remember you need to apply the security issues based on your IT infrastructure design.
3. Design the Security Management Plan for the proposed IT Infrastructure (hint: you can provide security solution when you are listing the security concerns /
4. Discuss what is virtualisation and apply/ suggest at least 2 different types virtualisation for the current IT Infrastructure.
5. Discuss ITIL and will you suggest the ITIL for the current business. Support your answer.
6. Discuss the Performance concerns for the IT infrastructure suggested by you.
• Word limit, 2000-2200 words. (Excluding bibliography, figures, glossary of terms, etc.)
• The report must be submitted in MS-Word format
• Include appendices (bibliography, glossary of terms, etc.)
• Assessment criteria: refer to the appendix 3 in the Unit Outline.

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