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Asia in the World 2020
Essay Questions
1. In what ways did Buddhism reflect Hindu traditions, and in what ways did it challenge them?
Research: You will be required to complete your own research using library sources (no Wikipedia). You should aim to include at least five scholarly/academic sources (library internet links or books). The textbook (A History of Asia) can be used as one of the scholarly sources in your essay.
Length: 1200 words
Format: A standard essay format with an introduction, a body of the essay (analysis, argument, relevant examples) and conclusion.
Each paragraph should ideally discuss one issue/idea.
Students who need assistance with the essay format should use the Western Sydney University resources on essay writing noted in the unit outline.
• 12 point Times New Roman
• double-spaced
• page numbers
• Student ID in header or footer
• no single-sentence paragraphs AND no paragraph to be any longer than a single page
• no spelling errors
• no random capital letters
• get your apostrophes right
• keep quotations short ---- no quotations longer than a sentence ------- quotations of a few words embedded in your sentences are best
• don't cut-and-paste lengthy passages from your sources
• avoid semi-colons
• no quotations in a paragraph's opening sentence
• no dot points in formal writing
• cite your sources!
• don't use contractions (like -don't-) in formal writing ----- spell the words out (so that -don't- becomes -do not-)
• put a date on events ------ dates serve to pin events, etc, to a particular point in time
• be as specific as possible ------- vague statements make us think that you don't really know what you are writing about
• make sense of its/it's (and note that, because we don't use contractions in formal writing, you should never use -it's- in an essay)
• keep things chronological (the word -chronological- contains the word -logical- for a reason)
• avoid long sentences
Assignments which fail to conform with formatting and presentation requirements (see page 11 of the learning guide) will be penalised.
You must use either the Chicago (footnotes) or APA (in-text) referencing system. It is recommended that you use the Chicago and APA referencing guide prepared by Western Sydney University Library. The link to these referencing systems
Please note: while APA does not require page numbers, for this assessment task you must include page numbers in your essay

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1475 words including References

Title: Buddhism and Hinduism: Similarities and Dissimilarities

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