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Hi, this is my group assignment for this subject and i should finish PART:-2. Yes only part 2. please read the questions carefully and answer only part 2. Word counting as much as you can minimize.
So, Part 2 (2.1 & 2.2) only need to complete.
Submission format: As stated clearly in the submission instructions, the only accepted final submission format is MS Word. You can do those questions in any methods such as
using an excel or manual work, but your answers must be put together in a Word document for final submission via the SafeAssign link on BB.
Assignment format: It is not a report or essay, so no table of content, introduction, conclusion or cover page etc. are required. Anything that is not mentioned in the submission instructions will not be considered and will not affect the mark for your assignment.
Part 2. Fact Finding of Australian financial market regulation
2.1 Fact finding of the listing on ASX
Assuming your group is working for a company that is considering to be listed on ASX in the near future. Go to the website of Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), do a fact finding and present an analysis of Australian Stock Exchange Listing Requirements and process. The following questions should be addressed:
(1) What are the advantages of being a listed company on ASX?
(2) What are the problems that need to be taken in consideration for being listed company on ASX?
(3) What are the requirements for listing on ASX?
(4) What are the steps of listing procedures on ASX?
(5) How listing fee is applied. Using ASX listing fee calculator to identify your selected company listing fee, choosing any random number for the ranges of market cap: 10 million -50 million; 50 million-100 million; 100 million-500 million.
2.2 Fact Finding of requirements on Financial advisory service registration in Australia
Assuming after graduation you would like to work as a financial adviser. Go to the website of Australian Securities and Investment Commission, do a fact finding and present an analysis of financial advisor registration to identify whether you are qualified and what steps should be taken to be a financial adviser in Australia. The following questions should be addressed:
(1) What is the ASIC’s Financial advisers register?
(2) Who should be on the Register, who are not on the Register and who updates the register?
(3) What information should be on the Register?
(4) What are the relevant financial products for a financial advisor?
(5) What are the professional standards applied for a financial advisor.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1069 words including References

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