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Due Date: 1 week after
Task No. Task Title Assignment and Yield Test Due Date final session
Unit / Module details
Qualification/Course Code SIT30816
Title Certificate III in Commercial Cookery,
Unit/Module Code SITHKOP002
Title Plan and cost basic menus
Assessment details
Assessor Assessor’s name Christian Dann Assessor’s phone
Assessor’s email
Elements / Learning outcomes At the end of this you will have the knowledge and skills required to plan and cost basic menus for dishes or food product ranges for any type of cuisine or food service style. It requires the ability to identify customer preferences, plan menus to meet customer and business needs, cost menus and evaluate their success.
Task overview
(see below for specific instructions and criteria) You will be required to perform the tasks as described in the learning and assessment overview. You will need to demonstrate all assessment requirements to be deemed competent
Assessment conditions You will work on this assessment during class time over timetabled sessions and in your own time as necessary. You will need to research your menus using the internet and your own ideas. You need to do your own work unless it is a group task which will be advised by your trainer. You may refer to notes or photographs you have taken. You may confer with other students. You may refer to the examples that have been demonstrated by the trainer. It is important to attend all practical classes as you are assessed on many items.
Resources Access to computer and internet, costing templates and student notes.
How to submit You will provide the trainer with the completed spreadsheets for the menu items that you have costed out using the costing template as well as the menus you have written, customer profiles, feedback and reflections. These need to be submitted through the submission page on mylearning with a signed coversheet.
Assessment instructions and criteria
With competency based assessment all assessment requirements for each assessment task must be assessed as satisfactory (S) for a competent (CA) result to be recorded. If an assessment result for any task is assessed as not satisfactory (NS) a resubmission will be required for the outstanding (NS) assessment task.
Instruction/Task Criteria that you will be assessed on S NS
Menu design and creation You will take part in a brainstorming session where you will contribute to the creation of 2 types of menus for Richards’s Restaurant or a restaurant/café of your own choosing. The menus must be from the following types:
la carte buffet
cyclical degustation ethnic set table d’hote seasonal
You will need to write a customer profile on the types of customers you may expect. What their preferences may be and what typical price point your menu is and any other consideration you may need to make for your customer base including cultural and dietary considerations, seasonality etc. You must format your menus in an appropriate style as well as your customer profile. You will to provide a feedback form from customers and staff giving feedback on the performance of the menu. From this you will write a reflection on changes and alterations you would make to the menu. You will submit this through the submission page on my learning with a completed coversheet. ? ?
Cost menus You will cost all the menu items from your menus based on prices that you have determined and using the supplied costing tool you will provide a cost % for the dishes assuming 10 portions. ? ?
Yield test You will be assigned in a practical class a chicken Maryland that you will perform a yield test on. You will be supplied a sheet to record weight on and then you will be instructed how to work out the costs and % This will be submitted with all of your other work ? ?