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Assessment 2- Short answer questions (Total – 30%)
Please answer the following questions.
1. If you suspect an older person has altered cognition, what five (5) actions would you take and why would you undertake them?
(This answer must be referenced)
(2% for discussion of each action = Total of 10%)
2. Discuss how five (5) pieces of information from the completed Mini-mental Status Exam (MMSE) of Mr Stan Gooding (see pdf) would help nurses to communicate with this older person?
(2% for discussion of each pieces of information = Total of 10%)
3. Discuss why is it necessary to conduct a holistic and comprehensive assessment on older people when working with them to support their health?
(This answer must be referenced) (Total of 4%)
4. Complete the following Table (0.25% each answer = Total 2%)
Tool Purpose
1.MNA (long form)
2.Timed-up and Go
3. Screens for depression in older people with cognitive impairment
4. Assesses falls risk of older people in the community
5. Brief Pain Inventory
7. Screens for anxiety in older people
8.KICA screening tool
5. You are a practice nurse and Mrs Nell Connor is an 80 year old woman, who is new to your practice. She states that a few months ago she had gone to the local emergency department with abdominal cramping and bloating. After a thorough assessment and abdominal x-ray scan she was diagnosed with faecal impaction secondary to constipation. She was treated with an enema and provided with instructions to manage her constipation.
Mrs Connor has a MMSE score of 26/30. She has lost 2 marks for counting incorrectly backwards by sevens and lost 2 marks for recall of 3 items – only recalled one item.
Describe: a. the instructions that would be provided to Mrs Nell Connor to prevent the reoccurrence of constipation, and (2%)
b. how these instructions will be provided to Mrs Nell Connor who has a MMSE score of 26. (2%)

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