Recent Question/Assignment

Part 1 - from Mid 2 syllabus
1 Fit Fut Garments factory experienced a sudden spike in defects last month The data below shows defects for the months of March and April This is a major cause of concern and needs to be resolved with utmost urgency. As part of the Quality team this task falls in your capable hands.
Type of defect March figures April figures
Seam puckering 25 20
Broken seam 31 35
Distorted knitting 36 300
Label 10 11
Loose thread 20 19
Apply the DMAIC process to this scenario. Clearly state any assumptions you make.
a. ? (5 marks)
b. M (10 marks)
c. A - include Pareto chart and Fishbone diagram (20 marks)
d. I (5 marks)
e. C (10 marks)
NOTE You may use the internet to find out more about each of the defect categories, their causes and remedies.
Part 2 - from Final syllabus
2. You are a project manager of XYZ company. Your next project is to launch the company website. Below are the related tasks.
Activity Activity Legend Activity Predecessor Activity Duration (Days)
Select domain a - 1
Hire web developer b - 5
Content c - 3
Pictures d - 5
Website hosting e a 1
Template design f b. e, d, e 10
Google analytics g f 3|
Testing h g 3
Finish work i h 2
a. Create a Gantt chart (6 marks)
b. Draw a network diagram (4 marks)
c. Find ES EF LS LF (10 marks)
d. Identify the critical path(s) (3 marks)
e. If the content delivery for the website is delayed by 2 days. how does this affect your
deadline? (2 marks)
f. The CEO wishes to launch the website sooner than originally planned. She has asked you to bring forward the launch date as much as possible, using additional resources. Using the information below, clearly show by how many days you are able to bring the project forward, how much money you will need in total, and which activities you will crash in which order. (25 marks)
Activity Normal time Crash time Crash cost per day
a 1 1 -
b 5 4 100
c 3 2 150
d 5 4 200
e 1 1 -
f 10 9 500
g 3 2 350
h 3 2 400
i 2 2 -