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You are required to write an academic essay to demonstrate proficiency in the language and literacy demands of academic writing. The topic chosen will require you to examine and critically evaluate an aspect or issue related to language and literacy acquisition and its role in individuals' lives.
The topics will require you to examine and critically evaluate language and/or literacy issues covered in the weekly tutorials and as explored in the prescribed readings. You will be required to research the topic independently as the question requires you to cover the topic in more depth than are able to in class.
Choose one of the questions from the options below as your essay topic:
1. Developing a child’s language and literacy skills in the early years is fundamental for both their social and academic success. Do you agree?
2. Both environmental and developmental factors contribute to a child’s ability to communicate. Discuss.
3. Children growing up in Australia should be raised speaking English only, even if English is not their home language. Discuss
*A minimum of FOUR (4) references must be used. These references can come from your weekly readings and/or other sources that you find. .
This task is worth 30%% of your final mark in EDU1LLI 1500 words (10% leeway)
Since the PLT process
of sharing note taking did not end up happening due to COVID 10, you can select readings to suit your purpose
The maximum total of readings should not exceed
EIGHT (8).

The rubric is overleaf and has been modified and based directly from the lecture content in 2020. Please be sure to read this carefully.
things need to have to get good marks:
Meets all formatting requirements including:
Title page including: name, student number title of essay.
Student name & number in header or footer.
Formatting consistent:
? margins
? size 12 font
? at least 11/2 spacing
Contains a clear, concise, and defined thesis statement that provides an unambiguous framework about the direction of the essay.
Background information, containing more than 3 pieces of relevant information and/or that completely informs the reader about the topic (e.g., definitions, classifications,
controversies) in order make sense of the essay.
All 3 paragraphs contain a clearly stated topic sentence.
All 3 paragraphs contain explanations, examples, evidences, and other details that unambiguously support the topic sentence.
At least 4 references have been used throughout the entire body.
Evidence of at least 4 examples in the entire body where the academic literature has been used to support statements made.
All 3 paragraphs offer a unique element to the overall essay.
Explicitly rephrases the thesis statement given in the introduction.
Concise summary of at least 4 main points discussed in the body.
Final comment/s to draw closure to the essay are logical and link cohesively back to the introduction.
Standard essay structure is used with an Introduction, 3 (or perhaps 4) body paragraphs) and a conclusion.
All paragraphs align with the conventions of an introduction, a body paragraph and a conclusion.
Connecting devices are used to link ideas between all 5 paragraphs.
Correct spelling throughout.
Correct punctuation throughout.
Correct grammar throughout. This refers to complete sentence structure and subject- verb agreement.)
Word choice is accurate (fit for purpose) on all occasions.
Academic language style used throughout with no evidence of informal style.
Use of quotations at a minimum and clear evidence of paraphrasing.
Correct formatting of in text citations in APA6 style
Correct formatting of quotations in APA style.
Correct formatting of references in the reference list according to APA6 style.
Reference list contains a range of relevant, credible, academic sources.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1671 words including References

Title: Both environmental and developmental factors contribute to a child's ability to communicate

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