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BCS03 - Bachelor of Computer Systems
ICT213 - Multi-user Operating Systems Administration Assignment2 (Max Marks: 20) Due : 5pm, 29th May, 2020
This task involves setting up a Linux box as a gateway between two networks. You can set up a computer with two Ethernet cards. One side can be connected to an -external- network of one PC. The other side will be connected to a -local network- of another PC. Alternatively, you can use three (or more) virtual machines. The gateway will need to be set up to
a. Forward packets in both directions between local and external network
b. Run a firewall with the following rules
i. Allow HTTP requests via a proxy from inside to outside, and responses from outside to inside
ii. Run a Webmin server on port 10000 visible from both inside and outside
iii. Run an SSH server visible from both inside and outside
iv. No other TCP or UDP requests from inside to outside
v. No TCP or UDP requests from outside to inside
c. Run an HTTP server on the gateway visible only inside
d. Run a squid proxy on port 8080 to handle requests from inside to outside
e. Run a DNS server for the internal hosts
f. Run a DHCP server for the internal hosts
Students Note that
1. You need to upload a soft copy of your assignment with relevant screenshots of the configurations and connectivity to StudentWeb.
2. Failure to submit an item of assessment by the due date without an application for extension of time from the relevant teacher will incur a penalty. Assignments will be accepted up to five working days after due dates; however, the following grading penalties will be imposed.
Day of Submission Deduction from Grade
One day late 10%
Two days late 15%
Three days late 20%
Four days late 25%
Five days late 30%
3. Students should be aware that plagiarism will not be tolerated and any assignment work handed in will be tested for originality. Any quotations from published works must be properly referenced according to the IEEE format. See the Plagiarism, Collusion and Cheating Policy/Procedure under Conduct Management at -plagiarism-collusion-and-cheating-policy.pdf.
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