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2.4.3 Report: Analysis of Patient Data
Weight: 40%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: Week 13. Sunday 7th June 2020
Submission: online, via Turnitin
Format: Word file
Length: 2,500 words
Curriculum Mode: Report
Students will be provided with a case study and dataset. With that in hand, your task is to write a brief report or the results and the implications they have for health care decision-making. The report should include a summary o the main findings with tables and graphs. The analysis will be conducted using Excel commands and Excel output should be produced.
Assignment Structure
Structure your Analysis of Patient Data using the following headings (sub-headings can be defined as needed):
1. Executive summary
2. Introduction
3. Summary of findings
4. Discussion and policy implications of findings
401365 Healthcare Data for Decision-Making, Autumn 2020
Assignment 3 (Due Sunday June 7, 2020)
Please answer all 2 questions. Record your answers in the template document provided and submit via Turnitm before 11:59pm on the due date. The marks allocated to each question are shown in the assignment. A total of 40 marks are available and this assignment is worth 40% of your overall grade.
Copying answers from other students, sharing answers with other students and writing answers in a group are all forms of cheating. Any student doing any of these will be reported for academic misconduct.
Question 1 [15 marks]
From a cross-sectional life table provided, please answer the following questions below:
Age group Q'
0-4 0.02592 100000
5-9 0.0042
10-14 0.00232
15-19 0.00201
20-24 0.00443
25-29 0.00611
30-34 0.00632
35-39 0.00654
40-44 0.01098
45-49 0.01765
50-54 0.02765
55-59 0.04387
60-64 0.05987
65-69 0.09654
70-74 0.13654
75-79 0.18765
80-84 0.47898
85-89 0.57908
90* 1
(a) Calculate the following column heading: I. nd, U ,T, and e. [12 marks]
(b) What age would you expect a person to live (on average) once he/she has attained the age of 15 years? [3 marks]
Question 2 [25 marks]
The graphs below showed the percentages of females within each age group plotted on the right and the percentages of males on the left in Australia and India. Please use these graphs to answer the following questions below:
• Describe and explain the changes shown by the graphs between the two countries for the following age groups: 0-4 years, 10-19 years, 20-49 years and 60-89 years [8 marks]
• What are the economic (education and health) factors that will affect India population growth as compared to Australia population growth? [6 marks]
• Discuss the fertility rate between the two countries [4 marks]
• There are several reasons for a gender imbalance in India population? Please discuss these reasons and support your argument with the relevant literatures [7 marks]