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MGMT862 - Managing Change V1 2020... ?
Assessment 2 Part 1 Case study: Change at Aotearoa Gold Mining Company (AGMC)
Due date Week 9
Friday 5th June by 11.59 pm NZ time
Weighting 40% Individual
Type Case study Aotearoa Gold mining Company (AGMC)
Length 1300-word limit excluding reference list
Submission Turnitin
Requirements This assessment involves the analysis of a case involving organisational change at Aotearoa Gold Mining Company (AGMC). The case scenario will be uploaded to the assessment tab on blackboard on Monday May 18.
You are required to:
1) Analyse how well the organisation managed the changes for all stakeholders in the case.
2) Identify three key aspects of the change process that might have been improved.
3) Apply relevant evidence-based research literature from the topics: communicating with stakeholders, collaboration and engaging support, responding to resistance, organisational culture, human resource change management or leading change.
4) Demonstrate application of APA 6th edition referencing in-text
and in the reference list and provide a copy of your contributions to the group annotated bibliography.
Programme learning goals 1. Be self-aware critically reflective and ethical management professionals
2. Be effective thinkers and problem solvers
3. Be effective communicators
4. Be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of business management professional practices.
Paper learning outcomes 1. Critically evaluate the complexity of organisational change from a range of perspectives
2. Examine and apply theories, concepts and practices of leading and managing change in organisations
3. Analyse the role of human resource management in facilitating effective organisational change management
4. Demonstrate the importance of ethics and communication in the change process
5. Critically evaluate the outcomes of organisational change from different stakeholder perspectives.