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Topic background:
Sangeeta is a 45 year old married female with two children aged 5 and 7, and has recently migrated to Australia from India. Sangeeta has attended the local community health center for a diabetes education session as referred by her GP. During the consultation Sangeeta reports that she is feeling worried about managing her diabetes as she has been unable to monitor her blood glucose levels. She reports that she has limited supply of insulin and her blood glucose machine is faulty. Upon further discussion, Sangeeta reports that she is unable to afford insulin due to her financial situation. She is currently living with two families in a 2 bedroom unit while her husband is looking for employment. She reports that she is currently ineligible to receive Centrelink benefits due to visa restrictions.
During the consultation with the community nurse Sangeeta also reports that she is struggling to cope with adjusting to life in Melbourne due to language barriers and social isolation.
Assignment Question / Task Description:
Part A:
Identify the social determinants that influence Sangeeta’s access to health care and include a discussion about how the principles of primary health care can assist with improved access and health care outcomes for Sangeeta (1000 words).
Part B:
Discuss the principles of health education and the role of the community nurse in supporting Sangeeta with managing her health condition? (1000 words).
Instructions for this assessment:
Structure: Your assignment must contain an introduction, body and conclusion. You can use headers (Part A and B) to separate the sections.
You will need to provide evidence of research/reading, so a reference list and in- text citation would be expected to back up your ideas.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2579 words including References

Title: Case study based discussion on Diabetes mellitus type 2

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