Recent Question/Assignment

You will develop a 15-minute presentation in either or PowerPoint that critically analyses and discusses Salmonella spp. Your presentation must: • Identify and describe the structure of Salmonella spp and its virulence factors in human host; • Examine the mechanism causing the antimicrobial resistance associated with Salmonella spp with series of immunological responses mediated during infection in human host • Discuss the laboratory methods used to diagnose Salmonella infection. • Critically analyse the factors responsible for development of genetically diverse Salmonella spp and risks associated with it becoming a community acquired infection.
Presentation guidelines • Professional approach: manner, language and communication style are consistent with a professional academic presentation. • Delivery: Well prepared and demonstrates knowledge of the topic area. • Organisation: Logical and organised presentation of content that address the topic and is consistent with the slides. • Timekeeping: Uses time well to deliver material, supports overall timeliness of the presentation • Presentation style: Suitable rate and volume of speech, appropriate eye contact and interaction with the audience, uses notes unobtrusively. • Individual Questions: Ability to accurately answer questions about the content if required.
Submission must include the following: • A coloured copy file of the presentation slides OR web link if it is a Prezi presentation. • A video file of you presenting the material – link shared through YouTube. • Reference list should be uploaded through the Moodle drop box on an A4 page.