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Task 3: Group Presentation (Power point presentation)
Working in PAIRS develop a 20 minute presentation that critically analyses and discusses an outbreak of an infectious disease within a specific population within a geographical area (regional or national) and the contribution of epidemiology towards public health strategies to promote population health.
Your presentation will: • Describe the organism responsible for the disease outbreak and patterns of disease transmission during the outbreak. • Analyse and discuss the characteristics of the chosen population that contributed towards the occurrence of the outbreak. • Analyse and discuss relevant epidemiological data outlining the course of the outbreak in your selected population • Discuss the role of a public health surveillance system and the surveillance strategies associated with your selected disease to monitor and control the outbreak. • Critically analyse and discuss the relationship between research and health interventions. Using the infectious disease responsible for the outbreak, show how research has improved public health outcomes for this infectious disease.

Use relevant epidemiological and statistical data (tables and graphs) to support your analysis and discussions.
Your presentation must be supported by credible, current scholarly literature which must be evident through use of citations and demonstration of knowledge of the topic area.
Learning outcomes 1. Critically analyse the foundations of epidemiological knowledge and the scope of modern health related epidemiology and statistical methods relevant to the practice of infection risk management. 2. Critically analyse the requirements of a surveillance programme and its value in monitoring and preventing healthcare associated infection. 3. Use epidemiological principles and process to critically analyse health related epidemiology research findings to inform and improve health related practice and public health.

Time limit: 20 minutes Submission date: 28.5.2020, 11:55 pm In completing this task, you must: • Prepare and record a 20 minute presentation that achieves a professional standard. Create a YouTube clip and upload this to the Moodle assignment drop box. • Use scholarly literature to support your presentation and discussion. Include citations in your Power Point presentation. • Prepare a reference list of resources used which should be submitted with the presentation on a separate A4 page.

Include approximately 15 – 20 slides in your Power point presentation.
Use a minimum of 15 scholarly resources to inform your teaching session and compile a reference list of resources on a separate A4 page, to be submitted with your presentation.
Recorded presentation: • See Moodle for a copy of the instructions about uploading a recorded presentation to YouTube. • Select the Unlisted option for your recording. • Copy the YouTube URL for your recording and add this to a slide in your Power point presentation
Submit for marking:
Upload to the same drop box: • A copy of your PowerPoint slides, including the link to your YouTube presentation • The reference list as an A4 document.

Presentation guidelines • Professional approach: manner, language and communication style are consistent with a professional academic presentation • Delivery: Well prepared and demonstrates knowledge of the topic area • Organisation: Logical and organised presentation of content that address the topic and is consistent with the slides • Timekeeping: Uses time well to deliver material, supports overall timeliness of the presentation • Presentation style: Suitable rate and volume of speech, appropriate eye contact and interaction with the audience, uses notes unobtrusively

A ZIP Archive with 2 files

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 20 slides with Speaker Notes


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