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My need an assignment for nursing, I need really high marks to pass this subject. Hopefully your services Won’t let me down.
Assessment instructions and resources
2. Detailed instructions
Length: 2000 words +/-10%
This assignment is to be written in essay format, (see ACU academic skills unit resource -Academic writing - Essays- for some guidelines about what writing in essay format requires).
You are a nurse working in a disadvantaged community. Describe how you would work in partnership using a strengths based approach with community groups to develop a mutually respectful and supportive collaboration in a high needs community to address a health issue (one of the NHPAs - see the list below). Students should select one of the National Health Priority Areas listed below on which to focus the essay discussion.
1. Cancer control
2. Cardiovascular health
3. Injury prevention and control n
4. Mental health
5. Diabetes mellitus
6. Asthma
7. Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions
8. Obesity
9. Dementia