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Hello want you to answer this question just summarize it each one each one about 70 words.
and then do the reflection about 750 words and the due date is 25of may 11am
can you please do the questions separately and then do the reflection thanks
Reinforced your understanding of the different components and conventions of the English language.
Considered pragmatic language behaviours as they relate to your personal and academic situations.
reflect on your own language and literacy growth
consider the language and literacy demands faced by adolescents for social and academic purposes.
define and explain figurative language
1.Formal and informal language
•Similarities and differences
2.Formal oral versus formal written language
–Language styles for your academic purposes
–Similarities and differences
examined the role of and the characteristics of scholarly resources.
created a hierarchy of credible resources ranging from peer-reviewed journal articles through to magazine and websites.
- determined how and where to seek resources for academic work
- appraised the credibility of a variety of sources.
Learnt how the concept of 'literacy' has changed significantly over time and therefore we now consider that we engage with 'multiliteracies on a daily basis.
Considered what those multiliteracies can be in an individual child and that we should, as teacher practitioners, seek to understand those to be able to use them positively in the classroom.
Collaboratively and individually completed tasks to explore our own multiple literacies.
Examined theories of language acquisition
Explored the expected language developmental milestones.
Considered the fact that language acquisition is biologically primary.
Considered processes for acquiring English as an additional language; sequentially or simultaneously
Reflective Self Evaluation.
**(750 words)**
For this second reflective self-evaluation, you are required to consider how you are developing with your skills in reading, note-taking, summarising and appraising and academic literature .
You are required to submit a 750-word reflective self-evaluation about your experiences engaging in academic reading, summarising and appraisal skills. You should also reflect on the process of determining the academic quality of sources (books, journals, websites and any other sources).
Using a model of reflective practice to frame your writing, discuss and evaluate your perceived development and areas for future growth in these fundamental skills required for tertiary study
Application of a theoretical model to frame reflections.
? At least four clearly stated personal reflections on your note taking, summarising and paraphrasing skills. At least four relevant and specific examples provided.
? At least three statements demonstrating an evaluation of how your academic reading and appraisal skills developed this semester.
? At least one objective and measurable statement about how you will improve your academic reading and appraisal skills.
Consistent evidence of:
? Error free spelling
? Error-free punctuation
? Complete and grammatically
accurate sentences.
? Paragraph structure is logical
-Clear, unambiguous writing style so that ideas are
clearly expressed.
Word limit is within correct boundary

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