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CHC43415 Certificate IV in Leisure and Health (Release 2)
CHCLAH001 Work effectively in the leisure and health industries
Written assessment
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Competency details
CHCLAH001 Work effectively in the leisure and health industries
This unit applies to workers in a range of community services and health contexts who provide leisure and health services. It describes the skills and knowledge required to work in a context within which leisure and health work occurs and to effectively support its role in enhancing wellbeing.
The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards and industry codes of practice.
This document is Assessment 2 of the two assessments you are required to complete, together with structured workplace learning, for CHCLAH001 Work effectively in the leisure and health industries.
This assessment is designed to gather evidence of competence, specifically to:
• provide appropriate leisure and health services
• operate within the policies and procedures of the leisure and health sectors.

Assessment 2 Description
35138/02 Written assessment

Assessment 2
PART A: Working effectively in the leisure and health industries
Jeremy lives in an aged care residence. He participates in the leisure and recreation program scheduled by staff and generally chooses to participate in the same activities each week, his favourite being the school visits and pet interaction.
On the advice of his doctor (who suggests he should do more physical activity) Jeremy decides to participate in aqua aerobics. He is very embarrassed at first as he is the only male in the group and he feels exposed wearing swimwear in front of the women. The facilitator is aware that this is Jeremy’s first time at aqua aerobics so he ensures Jeremy is made to feel comfortable and included.
After a few weeks, Jeremy is heard encouraging others to come to the class and asks to meet with the facilitator with some suggestions for improvements in the classes. Jeremy was nominated by the class to present the feedback.
A week later, the activity facilitator asks Jeremy if he would like to be involved in planning and organising some future events to be held at the pool. Jeremy works with the recreation team on a working party to plan the activities. He is allocated a role on the leadership team with specific responsibilities as the Promotions Officer.
1. As aqua aerobics enhanced Jeremy’s health and wellbeing, identify five (physical, social and emotional) elements that were improved. (approx. 20-50 words)
2. List three factors that contributed to the change in the level of interest Jeremy showed for the aqua aerobics classes, leading to his participation in the working party. (approx. 20-50 words)
3. Identify two strategies that were used to encourage Jeremy to participate in the planning of the pool program. (approx. 20-50 words)

PART B: Working effectively in the leisure and health industries
Terrence Maynard is a 15-year-old boy of Indigenous Australian descent. He lost both parents in a car accident and since then has been experiencing profound grief. He finds it difficult to be around other people, refuses to talk and spends a lot of time alone in his room. He has also put on a lot of weight since the accident due to overeating and inactivity. Terrence now accesses funding to receive full-time care as he has autism and is not able to live independently.
Terrence would like to be more independent and to learn more daily living skills so at some point he can live independently. He used to enjoy outdoor recreation activities such as swimming and soccer so with the encouragement and support of an assessment team, he makes contact with the Recreation Officer, Julie, at the local community sports centre to see if there are any indoor soccer teams he can join. Julie arranges a meeting to discuss Terrence’s needs and interests.
4. Why is it important that Terrence be involved in decisions and making choices about his recreation activities? (approx. 20-50 words)
5. What differences might there be in the values and attitudes of Terrence and Julie? Why should these be considered when planning and implementing activities for Terrence? (approx. 100-150 words)
6. What are at least three issues that might make it difficult for Terrence to participate and find services to address his current needs and rights? (approx. 20-50 words)
7. List the six relevant statutory or legislative requirements that Julie, as a Recreational Officer, needs to consider in her relationship with Terrence.
8. Julie may need some additional training or professional development to assist her to work with and support Terrence. Where could she go to get the information, she requires? (approx. 20-50 words)

You must complete and submit the following.
Assessment 2
Written assessment
Part A (questions 1-3)
Part B (questions 4-8) 0

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 774 words including References


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