Recent Question/Assignment

Part A: Review of Literature
The overall aim of this part of the assignment is to prepare you for completing Part B of the assignment (i.e. Report on an Organisation) by conducting a review of relevant background literature.
If you select Option 1, the Review of Literature must address the following topics:
• Contingency (or ‘best-fit’) theory in Strategic HRM
• Vertical and horizontal alignment in Strategic HRM
If you select Option 2, the Review of Literature must address the following topics:
• Meaning of organisational culture
• Empirical evidence for a link between organisation culture and organisation performance
• HRM practices that help build and maintain a desired organisation culture
The Literature Review must comprise the following core components: Introduction, Body, Conclusion and References.
Value: 20% of the Report assessment
Format: Length: Maximum of five (5) A4 pages of text, double-spaced, 11 point Times New Roman font, excluding Title page, Table of contents, and References. Just five pages will be marked. Margins: 2.5cm (1”) on every side. MSWord, include an ECU Cover Sheet at the start of the document.
Due date & time: 17 May @ 10pm.
How to submit: The Literature Review part of the Report must be submitted electronically as a MSWord document via Blackboard Assessment folder Turnitin link
Unit learning outcomes: Design Human Resource Management policies and practices that align the workforce with the organisations strategic priorities and cultural values.
It is especially important that you study the readings on the list of recommended readings for this part of the assignment. The list of recommended readings is available on Blackboard (Assessment Zone). Please also refer to the marking rubric for this part of the assignment to see the marking criteria and achievement expectations. The rubric is in this unit plan and also available via Blackboard.