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Assessment Duration: To be started from 2nd class and to be submitted in four weeks of class commencement.
These instructions must be followed when assessing the student in this unit. The checklist on the following page is to be completed for each student. Please refer to separate mapping document for specific details relating to the alignment of this task to the unit requirements.
This competency is to be assessed using standard and authorized work practices, safety requirements and environmental constraints. Assessment of essential underpinning knowledge will usually be conducted in an off-site context. Assessment is to comply with relevant regulatory or Australian standards' requirements.
Resource implications for assessment include:
• an induction procedure and requirement
• realistic tasks or simulated tasks covering the mandatory task requirements
• relevant specifications and work instructions
• tools and equipment appropriate for applying safe work practices
• support materials appropriate to the activity
• workplace instructions relating to safe work practices and addressing hazards and emergencies
• material safety data sheets
• research resources, including industry-related systems information.
Reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities must be made to assessment processes where required. This could include access to modified equipment and other physical resources, and the provision of appropriate assessment support.
This assessment task requires the student to:
? produce design documents to integrate multiple server operating systems for authentication, file sharing and security
? install and configure the integrated solution according to the produced design
? monitor and test the solution
? troubleshoot integration problems.
This project should be completed with reference to a simulated ICT/Business environment. For the practice environment, noise levels, production flow, interruptions and time variances must be typical of those experienced in the ICT project management field of work and include access to:
? a site where server installation may be conducted
? relevant server specifications such as:
? multiple operating system platforms
? cabling
? networked (LAN) computers
? server diagnostic software
? switching equipment
? client requirements
? workstations
? relevant regulatory documentation that affects installation activities.
Please refer to the assessment document for the specifications. Note that this is an individual task.
Throughout the assessment task, ensure that you refer to and apply the Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics.
Develop Specifications and Terms of Reference for the project that includes:
Within your practice environment, complete each of the following parts (Note: Parts of this assessment task, such as project execution, will be simulated in your practice environment):
Scenario: -
AIBT College is a nationally recognised training institution, specialising in providing international students with vocational education training in a supportive and caring environment. Due to the progressive success of the institute, it has been decided by the IT department and the Academics department to have the centralised system for the management of the students’ records, both the academic progress and the personal information.
For this purpose, an online academics management system has already been approved and is set to be implemented across the institute. The system is known as the Moodle and will make the students to do their assessments online on the premises of the institute. This system will also help the trainers to check and assess these assessments online. Also, an in house developed Student Information Management System is to be implemented to record the personal information and documents of the students along with their accounts/fees management.
For, this IT department lead by Neil, IT Manager will supervise the implementation of the network server so that these systems can be implemented and can be used on the network of the institute. While Rob, the System Administrator will be responsible for the setup of a network server for the implementation of the Moodle and Student Information Management System on it.
The network server will be online and can be accessed from anywhere in the college using the network connected computers. Also, the network is comprised of computers, scanners, printers and a Wi-Fi access point enabling the laptops and hand held devices to be connected with the network and can access the network server.
Note, the network server can only be accessed within the LAN of the institute that means it cannot be accessed remotely or using the internet.
Issues with the current system:
• Excessive use of paper
• No server management
• Data is not backed up properly
• Wi-Fi is not working most of the time
• Data loss issues
• VPN and securities issues
The job descriptions of IT Manager and System Administrator are as below:
Job Description of IT manager:
• Analyse business needs presented by users and recommend technical solutions with completion timeline
• Maintain organisation’s effectiveness and efficiency by defining, delivering, and supporting strategic plans
• Direct research in emerging technology by studying organisation goals, strategies, practices, and user projects
• Produce detailed timelines and implement effective project control for each software release
• Verify application results by conducting system audits of technologies implemented
• Preserve assets by implementing disaster recovery, backup procedures, information security and control structures
• Recommend information technology strategies, policies, and procedures by evaluating organisation outcomes, identifying problems, and anticipating organisational requirements
• Accomplish financial objectives by forecasting requirements, preparing an annual budget, scheduling expenditures, analyzing variances, and initiating corrective action
• Install hardware and peripheral components
• Load appropriate software packages such as operating systems
• Administer email and anti-virus systems
• Troubleshoot and resolve user issues relative to all corporate software in a timely manner
• Participate in all hardware and software evaluations and maintains vendor contracts
Job Description of System Administrator:
• Providing 1st and 2nd level support to ICT setup.
• Solving our student's and staff’s IT issues in a manner that exceeds their expectations.
• New Ticket Triage.
• Creating and documenting tickets, problem descriptions and technical background to ensure that our team members have all the information required to determine the right solution for the issue.
• Completing assigned backup checks.
• Updating ticket status as they change.
• Updating client and internal documents to reflect changing environments and knowledge.
• Providing 1st and 2nd level support to our clients based on ticket priority.
• Solving our client's IT issues in a manner that exceeds their expectations.
• Taking accountability and ownership for our client's IT issues as allocated on the Response Team Board,
• New Ticket Triage.
• Creating and documenting tickets, problem descriptions and technical background to ensure that our team members have all the information required to determine the right solution for the issue.
• Completing assigned backup checks.
• Updating ticket status as they change.
• Updating client and internal documents to reflect changing environments and knowledge.

The Network Diagram for the AIBT College is given as below:

Activity 1: (Role Play on preparation of designing of a network server as per the business requirements)
The IT department has decided to arrange a meeting and discuss with the other stakeholders about the planning, designing and implementation of the network server. The IT department also needs to consult with the stakeholders about the benefits of the implementation of the network server and then acquire the approval from the competent authority.
In this role play the stakeholders include the General Manager, Finance Manager, IT Manager, System Administrator and the Operations Manager who will act as the client. The system administrator will elaborate and discuss the planning and designing of the network server. While the finance Manager will be responsible for consideration of the budget issues. The Assessor will act as the IT Manager and will supervise all the discussion of the System Administrator with the stakeholders. While three students will act as a Finance Manager, General Manager and the Operations Manager.
The trainer will provide you 10-15 minutes to complete the role play. Additional time will be given as required. Your trainer will observe you during the role play and complete the following performance checklist.
In the role play, the Student will act as the System Administrator and will need to discuss the following and also, he is responsible for the recording of the minutes of meetings and get these signed from the authorised personals, the template of the minutes of meetings is given below:
• Discuss with the stakeholders about the requirements of the network server. You need to elaborate the requirements for the network server for the organisation.
• Discuss with the Finance Manager, about the business problems, opportunities, scope and budget of the implementation. The Finance Manager will arise the financial constraints but you need to explain the benefits of paperless environment as per the scenario.
• Discuss and identify the hazards and risks associated and discuss these with the IT Manager and Operations Manager.
• Also, discuss and take suggestions from both the Finance Manager and the Operations Manager that the implementation of the network server is done properly and the task is coordinate with the input of all the stakeholders. Ensure that everyone at the role play give their input properly.
• Discuss the site clean-up and restoration for the server room.
• Get the minutes of meetings signed by the General Manager.
You are required to complete the following meeting minute’s template and submit to your trainer/assessor.
Minutes of Meeting
Meeting Objective:
No Points Discussed Actions Suggested Target Date

Signature of attendee 1: Signature of attendee 2:
Signature of attendee 3: Signature of attendee 4:
Activity 2: Report - (Documentation of the plan and design of the Network Server)
Once the discussion and the approval of the project have been acquired, you need to prepare a report on the design and the planning of the implementation of the Network Server. Also, once the report is completed, you need to be signed from the IT Manager for the approval of the designing phase and initiation of the implementation. The report will include the following points and also complete the template given below:
• Requirements for the data migration for the new server
• Specifications of the network server including system requirements (Windows Server 2012 or 2016)
• Prepare network design documentation including configuration of network services, server applications security and redundancy
• Checklist for the installation of the server for the quality assurance process
• Test plan as per the requirement of the organisation along with the performance standards and quality expectations
• Details of Work Health and Safety processes and procedures
• Details of safety hazards associated in the server room along with their mitigation and implementation of the risks control measures
• Details of backup of the system for the installation procedures
• Ask your manager to review the prototype design and update the design based on the feedback.
• Obtain sign-off from your manager (Trainer/assessor)
Report on Design and Planning of the Network Server
Supervised by:
• Requirements for the data migration
• Specifications of the network server (Windows Server 2016) and Installation Checklist
• Installation Checklist
• Details of design, configuration of network services, server applications security and redundancy
• Prototype design
• Test plan

• Work Health and Safety processes and procedures
• Safety Hazards and their Solution
• Backup of the system for the installation procedures
SIGN –off Document
1. Implementation SummarySummary
Start Date Finish Date
5. Document Signatures
Name Description Signature Date

Activity 3:
You need to implement the network server solution as per the given points:
? Backup the data to make sure the preparation for the installation of the network server
? Install the Network operating system as per the report prepared in the assessment task 2 (install Windows Server 2012 or 2016)
? Install Antivirus software on the server
? Install printer services on the server
? Install third party troubleshooting and server monitoring tools on the server
? Patch and set the automatic updates for the Server Operating system to ensure security and reliability.
? Configure the following server network and security services, including:
? Domain name system (DNS)
? Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP)
? Web and proxy mail
? File transfer protocol (FTP)
? Firewall.
? Implement the backup and restoration in case to avoid data damage during the event of a disaster
? Complete the test Plan and submit the document