Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment Duration: To be started from 2nd class and to be submitted in four weeks of class commencement.
These instructions must be followed when assessing the student in this unit. The checklist on the following page is to be completed for each student. Please refer to separate mapping document for specific details relating to the alignment of this task to the unit requirements.
This competency is to be assessed using standard and authorized work practices, safety requirements and environmental constraints. Assessment of essential underpinning knowledge will usually be conducted in an off-site context. Assessment is to comply with relevant regulatory or Australian standards' requirements.
Resource implications for assessment include:
• an induction procedure and requirement
• realistic tasks or simulated tasks covering the mandatory task requirements
• relevant specifications and work instructions
• tools and equipment appropriate for applying safe work practices
• support materials appropriate to the activity
• workplace instructions relating to safe work practices and addressing hazards and emergencies
• material safety data sheets
• research resources, including industry-related systems information.
Reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities must be made to assessment processes where required. This could include access to modified equipment and other physical resources, and the provision of appropriate assessment support.
This assessment task requires the student to:
? produce design documents to integrate multiple server operating systems for authentication, file sharing and security
? install and configure the integrated solution according to the produced design
? monitor and test the solution
? troubleshoot integration problems.
This project should be completed with reference to a simulated ICT/Business environment. For the practice environment, noise levels, production flow, interruptions and time variances must be typical of those experienced in the ICT project management field of work and include access to:
? a site where server installation may be conducted
? relevant server specifications such as:
? multiple operating system platforms
? cabling
? networked (LAN) computers
? server diagnostic software
? switching equipment
? client requirements
? workstations
? relevant regulatory documentation that affects installation activities.
Please refer to the assessment document for the specifications. Note that this is an individual task.
Throughout the assessment task, ensure that you refer to and apply the Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics.
Develop Specifications and Terms of Reference for the project that includes:
Within your practice environment, complete each of the following parts (Note: Parts of this assessment task, such as project execution, will be simulated in your practice environment):
Practical Activity
In this case study assessment, you are acting as an Information Technology Technician of AIBT
Mody is the IT manager of “AIBT” an education institute. You have been hired as a System and network admin to design and upgrade computer lab systems
Currently AIBT has computers running Windows platform only, hence, all the work is stored on the computer’s local drive. As part of the upgrade Mody requires multiple OS platforms that is controlled by an integrated Server platform and authenticates multiple OS before a client gain access to various services, as well as file sharing and appropriate security feature enabled in the Server.

Provide the manager with a low-cost system, for instance installing an application server and running terminal desktops using systems.

o Arrange meeting with the client and key stakeholders to identify server integration requirements
o Workstations, Servers, Routers, Switches
o Ensure these items are suitable for a networked environment including licensing of software and installation and use on a network.
o Outline OHS processes and procedures
o Get approval with day and time (timeframe) for the upgrade so that it causes minimal disruption to the business operation.
o Optional: any other software or hardware suitable for this type of business
From a technical viewpoint you need to consider your design in:
o User Accounts management and Data Access Security
o Network Topology
o Operating System – both for Desktop Computer and Server Computer
o System Protocols of multiple platform (Windows, Linux and Mac) OS planned to implement
o Redundancy and replication requirements
Task 3
? You are expected to demonstrate an ability to perform following key tasks:
o Install and configure integrated server
o Manage the server operating system, including user accounts, file sharing, authentication and security mechanism
o Monitor and test Server
o Troubleshoot server and network integration issues.
To do this activity you’ll need:
? VirtualBox / Vmplayer
? An ISO file such as Windows 2016 R2 server, windows and Linux workstations.
NB: The newest version of Windows Server is Windows Server 2019 released officially in 2019, however, the college will provide you an installation CD/ISO of earlier Windows Server version for your convenience.
Today Linux is free and open-source OS, which is a full-featured version of Unix. You are more than welcome to use the Linux server OS if desired.
“An integration server is a type of server that enables the integration and interaction of different operating systems, application and services within an enterprise IT environment. It enables applications and services to communicate with each other, regardless of their underlying platform. It eliminates compatibility and interoperability issues between different platforms.” Source: