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Assessment type – 2000 words essay response and one analytical response - individual assessment.
Topic: Explain and discuss the possible causes of the 2007 – 09 global financial crisis. Discuss whether you think the GFC could be repeated. Explain the scale and impact of the GFC in the major global economies and in your own country. Discuss some of the actual or proposed reforms which have eventuated. Recently, the shape of the yield curve in the United State inverted. Explain the yield curves and graphically depict the importance of an inverted yield curve as an indicator of the global financial crisis.
Task Details: Students are to analyse the given information, doing relevant research regarding the global financial crisis and the inverted yield curve and create relevant, supported conclusions and make justified recommendations to given issues and problems. Responses are to be formatted into a professional essay, as would be expected of someone working in a modern accountant’s or financial advisor office.
Presentation : 2000 words typed in word.doc essay format; title page, introduction, suitable headings and subheadings, conclusions and recommendations, reference list ( Harvard Angelia style ), attachments, e.g. spreadsheets.
Research Requirements : Students need to support their analysis with reference from the text and a minimum of 7 suitable and reliable, current and academically acceptable sources.
Marking guide :
Analysis 30%
Research – extent and application 30%
Recommendations/ Conclusions 30%
Presentation : 10%
Please make sure that you have followed the instructions properly including the referencing and citations.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1984 words including Graphs and References

Title: Possible reoccurrence of the global financial crisis

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