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The self-awareness report is designed to be a practical exercise with personal benefits – a real-life self-management strategy to assist you in obtaining a suitable employment position and developing your career. This report should demonstrate a solid self-awareness and discuss your career-related strengths and weaknesses.
You discussion should focus on the Organisational Behaviour (OB) factors discussed in this unit.

The following elements may assist you in structuring your self-awareness report:
Executive Summary
Remember that an Executive Summary of a report is just that, a summary. It contains a statement of report purpose and an overview of the actual and specific findings. Generally, it should be no longer than one page and does not count towards the word limit of your report. The Executive Summary can only be written after you have completed your report. Write in past tense (e.g. The purpose of this report was to …). If an Executive Summary is well written the reader should be able to understand the main points, findings, and conclusions of the actual report without having to read the full report. Be sure to check the Academic Skills Quick Guides for details on how to write an excellent executive summary.
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
Ensure that you write an introduction for this assignment. The Academic Skills Quick Guides will provide you with a reminder on what should be contained in an introduction.
2.0 Self-awareness
• 2.1 Personality
o What insights have you obtained about your personality, for example from the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator and/or the Big Five personality model? (Topics 3 and 4)
• 2.2 Values and Motivators
o What are your most important attitudes, values and motivators? (Topics 3 & 5)
• 2.3 Emotional intelligence
o What are your emotional intelligence abilities? (Topic 6)
• 2.4 Leadership
o What is your leadership aspiration and potential (or demonstrated ability)? (Topic 8)
• 2.5 Power and Politics
o What are your approaches to power, politics and influence? (Topic 9)
3.0 Decision making and planning
Refer to the literature on Problem Solving and Decision Making (Topic 7) and critically evaluate how an understanding of these theories can be of assistance to the decision-making and problem-solving processes you will be using when seeking your internship/graduate employment. You must compare and contrast at least two approaches/theories.
Your discussion should identify and elaborate upon factors that will be important in your internship/graduate position decision such as the geographic location, paid/unpaid nature, opportunity for training and development, opportunity for ongoing employment, and so forth.
4.0 Conclusion
Conclude and summarise the report.
Your report (2500 words from introduction to conclusion) should be submitted via the Turnitin link below.
Attached here
is the marking rubric for this assessment that you should familiarise yourself with.
You can reference the in-class activities in the self-assessment part of your report as appropriate. Details of these will be provided by your lecturer in Week 11.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2713 words including References

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