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O Assessment 2 24 7 Jun
2: Review Essay Mar May 2020
2020 2020 40
(1200 words)
(40%) - Part 1 23:59
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Assessment Description
• Students will choose a journal article, book chapter or other academic work to review in essay form.
• Students will be expected to locate the work in a theoretical context and to discuss the work with both depth and clarity. The emphasis in the essay is on the quality of students writing and their ability to sustain an insightful and coherent review.
Assessment Criteria
• Demonstrated understanding of the structure and content of a peer-reviewed article.
• Demonstrated ability to discuss academic research with clarity and coherence, and to sustain argumentation on points of theoretical and methodological substance, interest and/or concern in written form.
• Systematic identification and examination of assumptions (hidden and explicit), forms of argument, quality of evidence and appropriateness of conclusions and recommendations.
• Strict adherence to academic style, conventions and APA referencing and format.