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I have been stuck on two units for a good few months now. I am struggling with them and am quite behind with a few more units yet to complete.
I have attached below both assessments if anyone could possible help me out. that would be amazing!
Summative assessment 2 (0% completed)
Project 1
1 Part 1
Prepare the outline of a financial plan for a small business. 1,000-2,500 words
In your plan indude descriptions/ explanations of:
o the financial records that will be kept
o the accounting procedures that will be used
o how the financial projections will be calculated-in du di ng assumptions made
o whether business capital is required and if it is, how it will be sourced
o the taxation records that will be kept
o the procedures for keeping taxation records
o how debtors will be managed
o the KPIs that will be used as well as an appropriate target for each one
o any financial ratios that will be used
o how the financial targets will be monitored and reviewed
o how other plans and policies will be monitored for their impact on the business’s bottom line
o how the financial plan will be evaluated and reviewed
u Upload a file (7MB max)
2 Part 2
Create a brochure that could be given to people considering starting their own business and who want to know the key considerations when developing a business plan and determining the best methods of managing the business’s finances.
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Summative assessment 2 (0% completed)
Project 1
Choose a business on which to base this project. The business can be your own business, a business in which you work, a sporting or social club to which you belong or any other business with which you are sufficiently familiar so as to be able to complete the project requirements.
1 Part 1
Develop a draft marketing/ promotions plan. Your plan should be developed to the point where it is ready to be shown to your stakeholders. It can take any form that you wish, but must include how you will:
o obtain input from stakeholders as you develop the plan
o undertake product/ service analysis
o undertake market research
o identify market trends
o conduct a competitor analysis
o determine the most appropriate marketing mix including opportunities in the digital environment
o ensure that the goals and objectives of the marketing plan are in line with the overall business goals
o establish the most appropriate distribution channel
o ensure that marketing plans are within your resource capabilities
o ensure all stakeholders are aware of the role they play in the execution of the plans
o manage the implementation of the plans effectively
o monitor the marketing activities
o analyse actual performance against the plan
o the process for taking corrective action if required
o involve your stakeholders in ongoing evaluation of the plan
o capture the reaction of your customers
o identify opportunities for change and improvement
(1,000-2,000 words)
Upload a file (7MB max)
2 Part 2
Outline the core focus of your business as it will operate at start-up and then discuss the threats it faces as the market and customer preferences changes. Detail the strategies you will use to keep abreast of all changes that will affect your business and suggest at least two ways that you can identify new business opportunities.

Editable Microsoft Word Document (Marketing business)
Word Count: 2256 words including References

Editable Microsoft Word Document (Small Business)
Word Count: 2306 words including References

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